Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Started working on my bedroom transformation.

Lamps,modern art,decorative pillows, interior design

My inspiration came from Novembers reading corner. I was especially inspired by the new lamp, my kids art, and those blue pillows

I found a great ikat style fabric for my drapes that works just right with those pillows. 

I went to a few places to look at drapery rods and finials. I ended up liking this one (above) that was in Lowes. The only problem was that it happened to be discontinued. We checked the stockroom and the computer inventory…but nothing. And then…as I was walking out the door the guy says, "Hey, I'm going to have to take that display finial down and get rid of it…you want it?" Yes! Even though it was only one, I had hope in finding another.

I knew it would look great with my new fabric. 
Did I find another…you ask? or…Did I just draw one onto the wall on the other side? 
To be continued…

Here is some of the art and photo's that I will use in my new design. I'm loving my sons self portrait. It's the red, blue, and orange one hidden behind another of his elementary school masterpieces. It's not quite as handsome as he actually is…but it's cool. Now I gotta get my younger son to paint one of himself too.

Now for the rug…

NO! This is NOT it. 
It did however, make me laugh… so I took a picture to share with you.

Do you ever see something that you're not sure if you love it or hate it? Well…I pretty much know how I feel about this one…so please don't send me your old shirts because I'm pretty sure that I will not be blogging a how to make a rug out of your old shirt-arms post….   Well, not unless I get really desperate for a DIY post idea.

Next week we'll probably see it on the floor in a Ralph Lauren ad or a fancy designer's home…and we'll all suddenly be wanting one.

It could happen.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Details are always important…  Well mostly always.

These brass details … definitely are important. It's the brass details on these pieces that take them from pretty-nice to pretty-great. Ok, so we all know that brass is back in a big way… please just don't tell me that mauve is coming back.

Even though they managed to make it look pretty good in this office space. 
But, let's talk about another interesting detail. 
That wall.

It's wallpaper…believe it or not. 
Wallpaper! …also making a huge comeback. Check out the amazing textural detail on this particular paper. It actually looks and feels like wood.

And speaking of wood… These resin and wood tables are pretty cool. I wouldn't suggest trying to create one on your own, but….

 I did see this great piece. 
It looked like an old library item…until I opened a drawer. What a great idea for an old boring piece of furniture. Just add some casters, some squares of wood (this works because the wood has some great rough textural grain) and the hardware detail to give it that authentic look.

Nailheads! A detail that always adds a bit of extra texture and style to an item.

My favorite find was this great stool.
By the way, if you happen to see something you must have…I photographed all theses great details at IBB Design in Frisco Tx.

Anyone who knows me…or has been in my home, knows that pillows are definitely an important detail.

Wow! Now that's a lot of bright color. 
It's a good example of how you can take a gray sofa and bookcase…change a few details…and "sha-bam!" (as my younger son likes to say), you now have a new look.

And, speaking of bookshelves, I've noticed a lot of covered book details lately. It may make it harder to locate a specific book, but it looks pretty.

I've always liked the…using more than one fabric on a chair detail…like the chair on the right, but this blue leather chair with the intentional unfinished back is pretty interesting too. 

What do you think?

 Just a bit of animal print detail is also inspiring.  These great ottomans above and those great stools below are just right.

Like I said, details are important… 
…that's unless of course you're very tired and your significant other insists on telling you all…and I mean all… the details of a particular subject before getting to the point during what seems to be the longest conversation ever. 

Just an example.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


About to get working on yet another masterpiece. 
But first, I must get some colorful inspiration.

Found this very colorful piece, by an unknown artist, in a funky design shop in Dallas. All that color makes me happy.

Have you ever noticed how Neiman Marcus displays a lot of spiffy (sorry…trying to add some new words into my usual vocab.) art in their stores.
The one above is by Jane Helsander, titled Oscillation 

This one, Murano Light by Julie Lazarus, had me so inspired several years back (about 14 years ago) that I actually went home and painted my own version of it. It turned out so good…that now we keep it hidden safely stored in the garage.

Sometimes I like to look very close…

So that I can check out the details…the technique the artist uses. 

This one is very large. It's hard to tell from this photo, but the chaise and the lamp are both big oversized pieces. 

Do you think the artist wore a beret and held a very large palette full of thick globs of colorful paint while working this canvas? Looks like it was a fun piece to create.

This artist used 2 big canvases to make one oversized masterpiece. Good idea…that way you don't have to rent a truck every time you want to move it.

Simple, but makes a bold statement.

Okay, I'm inspired. Time to get creating.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


It's November, and time to give the reading corner a new look.

This months inspiration came from my son's artwork. I love it when they come home from school with frame-worthy creations.

I think they look just as fabulous…or maybe even more fabulous, then some of the masterpieces that you might find in a modern art museum.

I kept one of the fun shaggy pillows from last months design, and added this pretty navy pillow with the bright blue stitching. 

Ahha…finally a perfect home for my "lips" planter/vase/thing and our Swedish dalahast (horse).

Do you like my new lamp? 
I actually found this beauty in a local thrift shop. 

At the checkout counter, the woman said, "I'm sorry, but this is considered a large lamp…so it will cost $20."  She was thinking I might change my mind. I was thinking…hurry up before someone else grabs it. 

I guess I can relax, because my November reading corner has officially been furry-family-member approved.

I'm so pleased with November's reading corner, that I'm now re-doing the rest of my bedroom.

Stay tuned for the reveal.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Along my many design adventures, I find some items that are just a bit different enough to make me say, "That's kind of cool."

Like this large rope framed convex mirror. My husband knows all to well, that when I say, "That's kind of cool"…I often mean that I can imagine that item somewhere in my home…and he better hide the credit card.

I don't know about you, but I'm lovin' this crazy lamp. 

Do you think it would look weird next to George?
(If you don't already know…George is a portrait painting that I inherited.)

But, if you don't like that…I found something just a bit more corny.


While we're still on the lamp subject…

Sometimes, you might even find an interesting lamp in the antique mall. If you block all the surrounding stuff out … this lamp is "kind of cool" and would look quite chic in just the right setting.

I found these lovely birds in a high end Dallas showroom.  I'm not sure if they light up, but it looked like there was some wire running through the chain. A few sets of these lighted and hanging over a bed could be very cool….  Or possibly creepy if you're afraid of birds.

At WISTERIA I spotted these clever rock ducks, and this wooden-shoe-mold wall which is an inspiring way to both display a collection and have an unusual art wall. 

Remember those out door pics from the Brendan Bass showroom that I posted a few days back? (Here) Well, this is just the cool kind of vase that would look great in that setting. 

Check out this wallpaper found at the IDCollection in Dallas. The wall was first painted a color and then this hand-made-paper wallpaper was added over it. That's kind of cool. 

Ahhh! The brass apples with lips. I was thinking of saving this photo for a …'Objects With Lips' post, but how often are you actually going to find objects with lips.

Okay, maybe a couple of times.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


I've been talking about this for way too long. It was time to actually do something. 

I'm talking about that collection of silver spheres I've collected…of course. The plan was always to create a chandelier, but the thought is always easier than the doing part.

I could have just left them in a bowl, because silver spheres look pretty in a bowl.
But…I had bigger plans.

By the way…I took that second photo while laying on the floor underneath the chandelier….I thought it was a cool angle. At least I didn't take a selfie with it.

In the meantime, another smaller plan went wrong…(see photo above) making it possible for me to finally actually put those spheres to use.

I don't know what those puppies are made out of, but it was no easy task to punch a hole through them. A drill would not work. I had to use a very sharp pointed nail to hammer a hole through. Even that wasn't easy, but I won't bore you with the agonizing details….let's just look at the pretty outcome.