Friday, January 31, 2014


Do your bookshelves inspire you?

Remember to give some love to those shelves when you're 
designing your room.

Don't just throw those books into the shelves. 
Add some of your pretty objects. Add some vases, bowls, beautiful boxes and framed photos to the mix. One clever way to make your books look interesting is to arrange them by color just like in the photo above.

If you have way too many books, and no room for any objects, adding art onto your shelves is a great way to break up the boring shelf of books. Even if you don't have too many books, adding the art is just a great look.

(as seen in HGTV Magazine)
Fill your shelves with your favorite collections. 

If you don't have any bookshelves…make some. 

Check these clever book shelves out.

Cool idea.

That's a piece of art.

For the lazy reader.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


 It's time to go shopping again.
 This time I'm taking you to the West elm store.

This season the look is eclectic with a mid-century focus.

Lets take a walk around the Dallas store.

That mid-century style dining table would also make a cool office desk.

Accents in orange.
West elm has some great pillows to begin your new home transformation.

Cool blues.
I see some great vases and I'm liking that Appliqued Diamonds pillow on the sofa ($39). Those are some of my living room colors.

Anyone need a nice faux rhino or moose head? 
They would look good mixed into your new wall art grouping.

check out my favorites of the day.

The foxed mirror light pendant $179. Those colorful modernist bowls are only $8 each. That Strata marble tile wallpaper…love it! It would be stunning in a small bathroom with a beautiful gold mirror. I like that Kisanii yellow pillow at $49 because it looks like a piece of modern art. The pillar table lamp in brass $199 would work well mixed into any decor. The Eduardo Garza box $59 is fabulous. Topped with a crystal, it's made of soap stone and it looks just like a Kelly Wearstler but for a mere fraction of the price. And last, but definitely not least, the famous Martini table $149. Red and silver are both nice, but I must have it in the antique brass.

I hope you enjoyed shopping at West elm today.
BUT WAIT…There's more.

I leave you with another great DIY project.

I had been searching high and low for the right plates for this project. 
Today I found these great plates at West elm. ($8 each)

I always keep some of these 3"-3¾" convex hot spot (or blind spot) mirrors around just incase I find the right project. I used the 3¾" for this project (1.99 ea). I buy them in the automotive section of Lowes, Walmart or anywhere else I can find them. 

All I did was peel and stick the mirror onto the center of each plate. 
Did I mention that this was the easiest DIY ever?

Then I added a plate hanger to the back.                      
And TA-DA! Four fabulous mirrors to adorn your lovely home.
As you can see from the reflection in the mirror, I've hung them in my office.
Thanks for going shopping with me. See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 Does your office space inspire you?

(image via styleathome.com)
If the answer is "no!" then it's time to do something about that.
Find a picture of an office that makes you smile and use it for inspiration.

(image via elle d├ęcor)
You don't need a traditional desk. Choose a great table instead.

You don't need an entire room. A small space can be just as great 
when you choose the right pieces.

Don't be afraid of color. Go bold.

Your office should be a space where you enjoy spending time. Don't make it the room that you have to shut the door if guests come over. You know what I mean…the place you put all that junk you can't find another place for. 
Instead, make it a place you love.
You can start by painting the room a great color.

(image via interiorsbystudiom.com)

If you really want to be original, Get yourself half a bus.

Here's an office we can all dream of having some day ….

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This weeks geometric favorites are real gems.

That groovy blue gem of a rug would be fabulous in my blue striped rotunda.
The Tom Dixon gem table is also pretty groovy. The green and red geometric objects are from Hobby Lobby (they look very similar to that chandelier). I own one of those green ones. I purchased it because I was going to turn it into a pendant light for over my kitchen sink. 

I didn't ever actually get to that project, but now I'm thinking of spraying it gold and keeping it in my office on the book shelf. And by the way, this week they're half price again at Hobby Lobby. 

Did you see the picture of the diamond at the bottom of my GEMS ! collection?
I made that last night, and that is todays DIY project.

I had a bunch of colorful paint chips and one of my favorite 
white Ikea frames just sitting around ready to be used. I found a black and white drawing of a diamond shape on the web and decided that it would make a cool piece of art.

I made a second copy of the diamond picture and then numbered and cut out each separate piece to use as templates to trace onto my colorful paint chips. I numbered both diamond pages (the original and the one I was cutting up) so that I wouldn't forget where each number actually goes.

I cut out all of the separate pieces and arranged them in number sequence onto my white card stock. I used double stick tape to attach them and then cut the whole thing out leaving about a quarter of an inch of the white card stock around the edges. 

I could have just left it on the white card stock and framed it that way, but instead ...I cut it out because I thought it looked a bit groovier on a black background. 

Just so you know… 
the cut outs were not all exact or perfect. I didn't cut on the black line because I wanted some of the white space to show in-between the pieces. (I cut on the white part of the inner edge of each black line.) Oh yea, and I added some facets to the bottom part. If you're a perfectionist You may want to re-draw the diamond shape with more accurate measurements. But me, I don't mind when things are a bit off…have you met some of my family?

Update… one of those family members just called me to point out that perhaps I'm the one that's off since I can't seem to label my numbers correctly. 

Hopefully you won't make the same mistake. 

Monday, January 27, 2014


Are you inspired to do something new 
in your home, but you don't know where or how to possibly start?

Start by adding just one thing.

Maybe you've had your eye on an unusual side table 
(this is the martini table from west elm $149.)

To start, make it one thing that isn't a major change, 
add that cool pillow or lamp you like. Or maybe you've wished you had one of those colorful poof's that are in all the magazines. 

Have you always wanted to paint a historical face on one of your chairs?
Me either, but I'm just saying… just do something. Something to begin making that change you've been mulling over. Something that would make you smile when you walk in the room.

Don't worry about going over board.
It would take a lot of change to get that far.

I'm glad we had this talk…now get moving.

P.S. Later this week we'll have a tutorial on how to crochet giant cozy's.

It could happen!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Sometimes the best looking piece of art in a room isn't even 
hanging on the wall.

Sometimes you can even sit on the art. 
I would love to own one of these chairs. They look like a good chair to pray in because you would feel like your sitting right in God's hand. Adding at least one really great and unusual chair can really add some, as my 8-year-old son likes to say, "Bam Shazam!" to a room.

It doesn't have to be as wild as the hand chair to look cool.
I would happily display any of these chairs in my home. In this particular grouping my first choice would have to be the zebra chair, but the black and white stripe comes in a close second. 

Just choosing the right fabric can add a bit of pizzazz.
But if you really want to be daring…
That poor little red chair down in the left hand corner needs a hug.

The orange bench I painted, and added a cushion to, definitely adds a bit of "Bam Shazam" to my living room, but I have another chair that I have big plans for.

I like the way the purple pillows look with the orange bench. 
I'm considering painting my black chair the brighter purple shade of those pillows. I may use that stripe fabric I have sitting on the chair…unless I find something more groovy. I guess we'll all find out next week. Have a great weekend dreaming of funky chairs.

Friday, January 24, 2014


What are you thankful for?

Most people seem to save their "I am thankful for"... list for that 
one day a year in November. That's sad. Being thankful (out loud) 
is a very powerful thing.

 Are you being thankful daily? I don't mean in your mind.
I know I need to remember to be thankful (out loud) more often. The pillow says it correctly. Being grateful leads to being thankful which definitely leads to the being blessed part.
There's a great story in the biblical Book of Luke about Jesus healing ten men with leprosy. Only one of the ten came back and thanked him (out loud).  He, the thankful one, was made well (whole). In other words…the others were cleansed and disease free, but the thankful guy was completely healed and made whole(new limbs and all). Like I said, "Thankfulness is powerful!"

Is there anyone you need to thank?

As for me, I'm thankful for many things from the big obvious things like my fabulous family and friends all the way down to the smallest things like not running out of toilet paper. (Okay, maybe that should be higher on the list, but you get the point). 

So today I would like to say a very big

To all of of my blog viewers and followers, 
and may God bless you and keep you and make his face shine 
upon you, may He be gracious to you 
and give you His favor and peace.