Friday, January 10, 2014


A Great piece of Art will complete any room.
Does that mean you have to spend a lot of money? NO!
First, let's check out some rooms completed by Art.

(Photo from Elle decor Magazine)
I know this is all about the art, but I can't help commenting on those great stools and sconce….love it! 

Wow! Groovy!

A series of simple white frames with a bit of color. Easy! You can buy the frames and cut out some colored paper shapes and it would look like a modern art installation.

I chose these photo's on purpose because each of them can easily become a DIY project. Seriously, haven't you seen the modern art out there. If you can afford it…buy it! But if you can't, then I say…make it! Oh Yes you can!

Remember that great Orange piece hanging over my desk?

My Husband painted that, and no! he is not an artist. 
Thirteen years ago, While I was pregnant with my first child, 
Bjorn and I purchased 2 very big canvases and some paint and just started painting whatever we felt. His piece has been a focal point in our Decor (we've moved several times) ever since. It totally makes the room.

Here are a few other ways to have your own work displayed.

Every time my boy's bring home art from school I immediately go through it and decide which ones to frame. These are hanging in a hallway ( Ikea Frames) I love them.

Now go back and look at those expensive paintings at the beginning of this post. The groovy one would take a bit of technical talent, but the others… You can easily do your own version. The trick is to get the right frames.

My brother, Jeffrey Harris, painted this great piece. 
The frame makes it look expensive. And, No Jeff!  you can't have it back.

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