Friday, January 3, 2014


Can't get enough of all the cool geometric decor hitting the streets lately. 
This Hubert Le Gall chandelier is speaking to me. It's saying, "Look how good I would look in your living room, especially over your favorite geometric rug." The gold stars just came off my christmas tree. I found them several years ago at Hobby Lobby and I still smile every time I open up the Christmas storage and pull them out. The red "one chair" is kind of cool and I'm pretty sure I could easily find a great place to put it.

Gotta love those colorful diamond shaped crayons I purchased at Target. The only problem is that I don't want to use them because they're just too pretty. I've got them in one of my prized Missoni bowls that I snagged at Target before they were all snatched up.

     Yes, they look pretty in the bowl, but no one can see them because they're up high on a shelf. I'm afraid my beautiful Siberian Husky might want to eat them if I put them out on display. Just a few years ago, when we still had our pretty black lab, Sam…may he rest in peace… That crazy dog ate an entire box of crayons and not just a simple box of 8 colors either. Oh no…He had to go and eat a box of no less than 64 crayons. He didn't just eat the red, yellow, and blue. He ate the blue violet, electric lime and even the purple mountain majesty. But alas,there was one good outcome. For a few days afterwards our dog adorned our back yard with a lovely multi colored confetti looking poop. It was so pretty I almost didn't want to clean it up. 

Wait a minute…How did we get from Geometric decor to confetti poop?

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