Tuesday, January 21, 2014


There's always a place for a beautiful box in my life. But the boxes I really like are often a bit pricey. For example... the Gold and Emerald Bauble box designed by Kelly Wearstler is fabulous and also over $2000.00. 
But that's not a problem because I found a way to get 
the kind of box I really like.

It's this weeks DIY project

First I purchased a pretty piece of handmade marble paper ($8.00) at a specialty paper shop in the mall. Then I found a box at Hobby Lobby. I didn't buy an unfinished wood box because I didn't like the quality of the box. The box I did find was already painted and a cool shape, but even better…it was 50% off ($7.00). I thought about buying an inexpensive piece of jewelry for the top, but instead found a great drawer pull at Hobby Lobby that was also 50% off ($2.99). I picked up some Mod Podge and began my creation.

I cut out and glued on one piece at a time.

To be sure that my cuts were exact, 
I would cut out a slightly bigger than approximate size piece 
and then fold that piece around the section I was 
working on and then make the final cut right on the fold line.

Finally, I drilled a hole in the center and attached my beautiful 
jeweled drawer pull.

I gotta say….I was very impressed with the outcome. 
I would have made one a long time ago if I would have known how great it would turn out. I used less than ¼ of the $8.oo paper. 
So for only about $12.00 I have a really beautiful box. 
I think I will definitely do this project again.

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