Friday, January 31, 2014


Do your bookshelves inspire you?

Remember to give some love to those shelves when you're 
designing your room.

Don't just throw those books into the shelves. 
Add some of your pretty objects. Add some vases, bowls, beautiful boxes and framed photos to the mix. One clever way to make your books look interesting is to arrange them by color just like in the photo above.

If you have way too many books, and no room for any objects, adding art onto your shelves is a great way to break up the boring shelf of books. Even if you don't have too many books, adding the art is just a great look.

(as seen in HGTV Magazine)
Fill your shelves with your favorite collections. 

If you don't have any bookshelves…make some. 

Check these clever book shelves out.

Cool idea.

That's a piece of art.

For the lazy reader.

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