Monday, January 13, 2014


As I walked through the Downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus store a few days ago, I suddenly found myself standing in front of this fabulous elevator wall. 
I think I may have had my arms stretched out and even heard that sound of singing Angels. Don't laugh (the photo only captured a small portion of the wall) it was very sparkly and cool. 

Anyway, it reminded me of how much I also enjoy a high gloss or lacquered wall.

I think the high gloss effect makes a room look very elegant.
The only problem with these beautiful walls is that the wall needs to be perfectly flat because gloss shows off any and every imperfection.

Lovin' the blue.

This amazing blue color with the yellow art is definitely my favorite

I like the way a glossy ceiling bounces the light around.
 I also love a great horizontal striped drape. Maybe I'll paint the octagon ceiling of my rotunda room in a high gloss.

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