Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 Does your office space inspire you?

(image via styleathome.com)
If the answer is "no!" then it's time to do something about that.
Find a picture of an office that makes you smile and use it for inspiration.

(image via elle décor)
You don't need a traditional desk. Choose a great table instead.

You don't need an entire room. A small space can be just as great 
when you choose the right pieces.

Don't be afraid of color. Go bold.

Your office should be a space where you enjoy spending time. Don't make it the room that you have to shut the door if guests come over. You know what I mean…the place you put all that junk you can't find another place for. 
Instead, make it a place you love.
You can start by painting the room a great color.

(image via interiorsbystudiom.com)

If you really want to be original, Get yourself half a bus.

Here's an office we can all dream of having some day ….

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