Monday, January 6, 2014


Why do we love Jonathan Adler Design? 
Because it's groovy of course! 
The shapes, the textures, those great graphic patterns and let's not forget  those amazing colors that all come together and make us smile and say... 
"I want that!" 

Today I'm taking you shopping with me. So Let's all Ooh and Aah together over the Jonathan Adler Dallas store.

I personally would like to have those three cool chandeliers, because we all know that I have a bit of a chandelier obsession.

The rug, the table, the couch, those furry stool's …I'll take it all!
I wish I took a better picture of those beautiful "Anemone" (Yes, like in the movie Nemo) sconces because I think I might need them.

That purple chair!

Great stools.

Great chairs! I'd like to have that table, 
but I'll take mine with the white top please. Hmm, I wonder if it could hold the weight of a thick white carrera-marble top?

I hope you enjoyed our day of shopping. Next week WALMART! …just kidding. 

    …don't buy your whole room in one store. It's always best to mix. Buy a piece here and a piece there, mix it with some of what you already have and then add a touch of flea market. Hey! don't mock the flea market.

Check out a couple of my flea market finds.

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