Saturday, January 4, 2014


I had my eye on a strange ,but very cool piece of art today….or maybe I should say it had it's eye on me.

Chicago based artist Tony Tasset brought Dallas Texas this amazing 30 foot eyeball he aptly named "EYE".

A bit creepy with the red-blood-vessels and all, but definitely 
something to behold. You really need to be standing next to it to truly appreciate the size and beauty of this giant blue eyed ball.

The best part of making my short trip into downtown Dallas this afternoon, was that on the way home I stopped in to check out what's new and groovy at the Jonathan Adler store. Here's a sneak peek.

Next week I'll show you more.

I hope to have a great DIY ready for next week as well, so get out your 
Elmer's glue and pasta noodles. 

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