Monday, January 20, 2014


Wall Groupings Your Way!
My sister recently asked me for some information on what would be the best way to fill an entire wall with framed art. Does it need to be similar frames or similar type of art? Can you add photo's with paintings? etc...
My answer is simply…Put a mix of all the pieces you like.
Personally, I think a mix looks fun.

You can do similar frames like the ones above or the same color with all black and white photo's like the ones below. Both ways look great, but it's not as fun as a random mix.

Add what you like. You're the one who'll be looking at it the most.

So I decided to try it in my own bedroom.
I pulled all the framed art and photo's out of the closet and randomly began to hang them on the wall. I love the cozy messy way it feels. 
When I say messy, I mean that there's no one style in the room. 
So grab all your paintings, photo's, mirrors, and even big letters, and mix it together in your own messy way.

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