Thursday, January 9, 2014


Pillows can completely change the look of a room

Check out these wild peacock pillows from Global Views. Cool colors.

These are from J. Adler

 When you get bored with looking at the same room, just add a few new pillows.

These are some of my current pillows. I just purchased the orange zebra pillow a couple of weeks ago when I was suppose to be Christmas shopping. Sometimes you just have to buy yourself a gift. And it was only $16.99. I always check the pillows out when I'm in Crate & Barrel, Marshall's, Tj maxx, Tuesday morning, Ikea or Target. You never know when you might find a really great pillow.
If you buy a $200 pillow you probably won't want to change it. I like to buy my pillows at very affordable prices because then it's no big deal to change them  as many times as I want.

Several months ago, as I was walking through the bathroom accessory department in Tj Maxx, I pointed and said, "I want a pillow that looks like that bath mat!" That's when the light bulb over my head went on (I was Inspired Yet Again.). I picked up the mat/rug folded it in half and said, "perfect!"

 So let me show you what I did…..
This white chenille rug was only $12.

 All I needed was a big sewing needle, some upholstery thread (in the same color as the mat) and a pillow insert. I personally prefer a down insert.

I pinned the edges together and sewed up the sides.
(TIP...the closer the thread color matches the mat/pillow the less perfect your sewing needs to be.)

I sewed only a couple of inches on either side of the top making sure I left a big enough opening to insert the pillow fill.

And now I have another cool comfy textured pillow. 
It was "Sew" easy. Okay, so Im probably not the first to use that little pun. 
(?or whatever it is) 

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