Saturday, January 25, 2014


Sometimes the best looking piece of art in a room isn't even 
hanging on the wall.

Sometimes you can even sit on the art. 
I would love to own one of these chairs. They look like a good chair to pray in because you would feel like your sitting right in God's hand. Adding at least one really great and unusual chair can really add some, as my 8-year-old son likes to say, "Bam Shazam!" to a room.

It doesn't have to be as wild as the hand chair to look cool.
I would happily display any of these chairs in my home. In this particular grouping my first choice would have to be the zebra chair, but the black and white stripe comes in a close second. 

Just choosing the right fabric can add a bit of pizzazz.
But if you really want to be daring…
That poor little red chair down in the left hand corner needs a hug.

The orange bench I painted, and added a cushion to, definitely adds a bit of "Bam Shazam" to my living room, but I have another chair that I have big plans for.

I like the way the purple pillows look with the orange bench. 
I'm considering painting my black chair the brighter purple shade of those pillows. I may use that stripe fabric I have sitting on the chair…unless I find something more groovy. I guess we'll all find out next week. Have a great weekend dreaming of funky chairs.

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