Thursday, January 2, 2014


     "Obsessed" may be a strong word, so before you think about sharing any of your peculiar obsessions, be aware that what I really mean to ask is...  "What ornamental home- beautifying objects do you find yourself quite fond of ?" I myself, am a bit obsessed with the Chrysler Building. I don't want to marry it or anything, though it may be possible in some states, I just really enjoy collecting the metal souvenir buildings. 

      Actually, I like to collect any and all of the great souvenir metal buildings. I began my personal collection back in the 80's when I could find them for $1 to $12 in almost any antique store, but you can't find them at that price any more, not since they've evidentially  become a hot collector's item. 
    I keep my collection in our lovely rotunda room. Oh yes... I have a rotunda room in my home and it's not just any rotunda, it's a horizontal-blue-striped rotunda. Don't go getting any fanciful ideas that I might be living in some ornate palace because…I'm not. 
     Though I did once spend a few nights in a very heavily secret-service-guarded palace while the King was there, but I'm afraid you'll just have to keep following my blog if you want to hear that mysterious story. 

       Technically, our rotunda is not actually a round room, but more of an octagon. When we first purchased this house and stepped into that space, we said, "This must be destroyed!" It was an unexplainable beige space with beige wall to wall carpeting. It had low curved archways in each of the four entryways as well as a couple of built in, and also arched, burgundy painted nooks. I suppose it was a spot to put a large vase or possibly a sculpture of some sort. The room felt like a big weird waste of space and for a while we only used it as the "time out" zone. You know, the place we made our little angels take 5 when they weren't acting very angelic. 
      Long story short, it wasn't possible to remove the space. So, we did what we do. We gave it some "Lindqvist Pizzazz." My husband removed the arches and lifted the openings as high as possible. He then squared off,  widened, and added shelves to the recessed nooks. I then came in with tape, and a big level, and added the blue stripes.  And voila !  A worthy home for my metal building collection. Oh yes, and by the way, that big fabulous star on the floor is my new prized chandelier that hasn't yet been hung. That reminds me…Stars and chandeliers are some other obsessions I have, but we'll cover that later. 

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