Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This weeks geometric favorites are real gems.

That groovy blue gem of a rug would be fabulous in my blue striped rotunda.
The Tom Dixon gem table is also pretty groovy. The green and red geometric objects are from Hobby Lobby (they look very similar to that chandelier). I own one of those green ones. I purchased it because I was going to turn it into a pendant light for over my kitchen sink. 

I didn't ever actually get to that project, but now I'm thinking of spraying it gold and keeping it in my office on the book shelf. And by the way, this week they're half price again at Hobby Lobby. 

Did you see the picture of the diamond at the bottom of my GEMS ! collection?
I made that last night, and that is todays DIY project.

I had a bunch of colorful paint chips and one of my favorite 
white Ikea frames just sitting around ready to be used. I found a black and white drawing of a diamond shape on the web and decided that it would make a cool piece of art.

I made a second copy of the diamond picture and then numbered and cut out each separate piece to use as templates to trace onto my colorful paint chips. I numbered both diamond pages (the original and the one I was cutting up) so that I wouldn't forget where each number actually goes.

I cut out all of the separate pieces and arranged them in number sequence onto my white card stock. I used double stick tape to attach them and then cut the whole thing out leaving about a quarter of an inch of the white card stock around the edges. 

I could have just left it on the white card stock and framed it that way, but instead ...I cut it out because I thought it looked a bit groovier on a black background. 

Just so you know… 
the cut outs were not all exact or perfect. I didn't cut on the black line because I wanted some of the white space to show in-between the pieces. (I cut on the white part of the inner edge of each black line.) Oh yea, and I added some facets to the bottom part. If you're a perfectionist You may want to re-draw the diamond shape with more accurate measurements. But me, I don't mind when things are a bit off…have you met some of my family?

Update… one of those family members just called me to point out that perhaps I'm the one that's off since I can't seem to label my numbers correctly. 

Hopefully you won't make the same mistake. 

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