Wednesday, January 1, 2014


   I'm inspired by many things! 
   Today it's... Michel Keck's dog collages,  B. Moore's high gloss Mulberry color, Anna Garforth's enlivening moss graffiti,  Herve Van der Straeten's fabulous lighting,  J Adlers groovy pillow, and cheese cake of course ( sorry, no picture already ate it. )


                         My creative son was even inspired by an irregular shaped mini corn muffin.
                                   You never know what you just might find at the salad bar.

WELCOME! To my new blog.  
In the days, weeks and hopefully many months to come, I will be posting great design, fantastic art,  many inspiring DIY projects and who knows what else. 
So …I thank you for viewing and leaving me your equally inspiring comments.

This is where my blog was birthed, my office, my place of inspiration.

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