Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Finally, The flu has passed and I got out of the house. 
I may have had the energy of a 99 year old grandma with oxygen and a cane  (actually I think she passed me several times as I shuffled down a Walmart aisle) but I'm gaining my energy back.

I went to a Walmart first because it was close and if I passed out in an aisle they wouldn't have far to drag me home.

So the answer is YES! 
There are a few thing's you can buy for your home at Walmart.

Then I went to Target. Target always has something great.

Today, some pillows, rugs, and lampshades caught my eye.
And that Gold Nate Berkus Geometric lamp... its a must have.

I started to feel my strength coming back (shopping does that for me) so I even stopped in at the Frisco Mercantile Antique Mall.

I didn't find any real bargains, but I did find some cool stuff. I thought the cut out books (letters) were kind of unique. I liked this black nailhead embellished dresser it was only $199 I guess that's almost a bargain. The most interesting was the deco style chandelier. 

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