Saturday, February 1, 2014


I love the look of just a bit of leopard in a room.

(image via thehuntedinterior.blogspot.com)
Every eclectic living room needs at least one leopard item.

(image via Deringhall.com)
It can look very chic if done correctly and in the right fabric. A pillow, an ottoman, or even a chair all look great in leopard. 

(image via H&H Home)
But be careful because it can quickly go awry if you go to heavy 
or go for a cheap version. I'm not going to post a tacky leopard room photo, You can google that for yourself, there are plenty. If you add leopard to your room, just make sure it's a quality fabric. 

(image via vanessaandvalentine.com)
That's a perfect little leopard stool.

I like the size and shape of this leopard pillow that Houston designer Ashley Goforth placed in this pretty foyer. I also really like the cowhide rug she used. Love a great cowhide, but we'll save that topic for another day. 

I want that pillow and this little leopard stool with the antler legs. Technically the stool is actually a cheetah print. How can you tell the difference? 

The leopard has a more complicated two tone spot referred to as a rosette, while the cheetah has solid oval or round spots. Oh yea, and it's not just those two beautiful creatures. It could be a jaguar or even an ocelot print. 
What do you mean what's an ocelot?

(images via A.Clore Interiors)

An ocelot is known as the dwarf leopard. They are about twice the size of your average house cat. Ocelots live in South and Central America, while leopards live in Africa and Asia. And that is our brief cat lesson of the day. 

(image via Cadieux Interiors)

These great chairs are clearly a cheetah print.
If you want to go a bit more daring with the leopard….

(image via thedecorista.com)

Look at this fabulous leopard chair! It works here.
And the sofa below…WOW! Normally, a leopard sofa might be a bit over the top, but you can tell that this is a good one. If your walls have red floral wallpaper and the floor has a zebra print rug…then…I would probably hold off on investing in this sofa. But if you happen to also have a mirror ball chandelier and a rhinestone piano…then go for it.

(image source unknown)

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