Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Today, I will be using the word "Chic" instead of cool. 
Mostly because the great decor that I have to share with you today is totally chic, but also because I've been told that I use the word "cool" a bit too much.

I checked out the Dallas Mecox store on Monday. 
I always get inspired when I go there. It's a very cool chic home, antiques,and design shop. If you look up the word "chic" you'll find that it refers to a stylish, elegant and sophisticated look. This store fits that description well. 
I can't stop looking at this particular vignette photo. 
I want that great credenza, the bench and those beautiful lamps too.

I love the way they layer art and mirrors. The eclectic mix isn't the only part of this store that inspires me. I'm also always inspired by the creative way that they put each fabulous vignette together. Hmmm…it looks like I need to get me some spheres. Those silver ones look pretty great.

By the way, if your wondering what "Mecox" means, it's an indian word that means "flat or plain country". But I can tell you that there's absolutely nothing flat or plain about this chic store. No, I don't speak the Native American language, while I consider myself somewhat talented, I'm not quite that advanced. I looked it up on the Mecox Gardens website of course (I am that smart).

These ottomans are pretty coo…    
You can figure out the word I really want to use here.

On the Mecox website I read that each of their stores have a similar Mecox look, but also have their own style and local flare…hence the Texas flare in this scene. 

I wish you could see the scale of the objects in all of these photos…
 As we might say in Texas, "they got some big ole stuff",and it seems to me that bigger is better.

I'll take that pendant light and that great zebra art as well. 
Someone needs that photo of those fabulous leopard Louboutin pumps on egg shells hanging in their extravagant closet.

While taking these great photos I was told that they were about to complete a new re-do…(re-arrange the shop). Apparently they have a warehouse filled with more great merchandise. I can't wait to go back and check it out again. 
And... YES, I will share.

Would't that be a great desk to have in your home? 

Purple lamps with green shade…inspiring.

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