Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Who has a thing for black and white?
Well, apparently…I do.

The truth is that a few years ago when I changed my home decor from neutrals to a bit more colorful, suddenly black and white looked great with the new colors. It may look like a lot of black and white when it's all pulled together into one photo, but when there's a mix of textures and patterns and the black and white objects are placed here and there all around the space…it works.

I have all this black and white in my office, but if you go back a few posts and see the photo of my office you'll notice that the black and white becomes my accent color. When you use bold colors like the blue turquoise walls, and the bright orange art and rug I have in the office, black and white work. 

My boy's rooms (also pictured in a previous blog post) are both filled with multiple bright colors. This black and white Ikea rug and pillows 
help blend it all together. 

So what…my bathroom is black and white too? 
That doesn't prove that I have a black and white issue. 

Uh Oh…gotta go... my phone is ringing. 
Hmmm…where is that phone….?

Oh yeah, over there next to the cat and that roll 
of wrapping paper that I wrapped all my christmas presents in this past year.

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