Thursday, February 6, 2014


Colors, stripes, shapes, and textures all inspire.
I'm currently into the vibrant colors because they make me happy.

I see great stripes everywhere, and they always make me want to create something…anything. Whether it be wrapping paper, the mens sock's at Neiman Marcus' Last Call store, some cool fabric, or the carpet squares at Flor, I can't help but dig those bright stripes.

They inspired me to…

Create a piece of striped art by dripping bright paint colors onto black.

And even to…

Paint those big blue horizontal stripes in my small library space.

When my first born son was just a babe (he's 12 now), 
I cut out some pictures of his cute little face, attached them to pieces of stripe wrapping paper, and then framed them. 

I still smile when I look at it.

It's not just bright stripes that inspire me…

It's any bright cool colorful pattern. Those great squares on the top are on a plastic shopping bag that I purchased at Marshalls for just .99 cents. I photographed those little plaid boxes in a furniture store. My son's art, some groovy fabric, and those very colorful stools I photographed at Hobby Lobby, all are inspiring to me.

They make me paint pictures like…

This one that I showed you a few posts back.

I always take my camera with me because I never know what I may see.

I may find a colorful bowl of ornaments, a great sculpture, some interesting
 colors like on these Target handbags, some cool multi colored diamond shaped crayons, or just a beautiful tree as I'm out enjoying a walk. Take some great photos of what inspires you to create. It doesn't matter if it's a painting, a poem, or doing whatever it is that you do best… put together your own inspiration boards. It's fun, and yes…INSPIRING!

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