Monday, February 3, 2014


This weekend I found some great things 
while browsing through the nearest HomeGoods store.  

The pink box was less than $30, and that faux alligator console table
had a $199 price tag hanging on it. I was quite surprised to see that beautiful french style sofa, and the $799 price tag had me trying to figure out another space in my home that could fit such a piece. But alas, no such space currently exists. 

I also found a good selection in blue. 
I was even surprised to see several Jonathan Adler pieces among the goods. Those blue silk pillows were 24"x 24" (the big size designers prefer) and l found them in the clearance section for less than $35 each. Those chairs will give someones space a bit of whimsy. Sometimes there are so many great pieces mixed here and there throughout the store. I have this crazy compulsion to….well let's just say if you hear that someone was thrown out of the store for illegally putting together vignettes you'll know who it is.

On saturday evening it was cold and rainy so I got the paint out 
and my boys and I created some groovy colorful art to brighten the day. 
I think I'll add it into my bedroom wall grouping.

Yes, I know…I didn't show you the outcome 
of my chair re-do yet. It's coming soon…I promise. What are you inspired to work on? Share in the comments section below.

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