Thursday, February 20, 2014


Who knew there were so many cool concrete home decor 
items out there? Here are just a few I found.

We've all seen great concrete floors, counter tops, and maybe even a few bowls, but did you know there are concrete office supplies? Fmcdesign makes those cool concrete pens, the chair (which looks a bit painful) is a Stefan Zwicky design, the lamp is by Regina Andrew, and those interesting concrete and leather candle holders are by EKDesign. Believe it or not, you can even wear concrete jewelry, like those cool rings from 22Design Studio.

But what caught my eye was some fabulous concrete diamonds that I found on  Life's Little Jems  blog which she in turn had found on A Merry Mishap. So today I'll share my attempt at making these cool concrete diamonds. I do suggest you check out those two blog sites if you want more detailed DIY info.

They turned out pretty good I think.
I had most of the needed supplies (card stock/foam core, scissors, tape, gloves, mixing bucket, mixing utensil plastic cup etc…) at home, but had to go purchase the cement mix at Home Depot. I got and copied my diamond template here.

It was a bit of a process. The suggested DIY template material is card stock with clear tape over it (to keep the mix from destroying the card stock before it hardens), but my card stock seemed too flimsy so I ripped off and used the cover of a spiral notebook. It is a bit sturdier and already has a finish on it that would make it easy to peel off of the dried cement. I also made a larger template and used foam core for that mold. I folded and taped my template/mold together and then took it into the garage where I thought it was safer to mix and pour the cement.

I didn't want to have to clean a bucket afterward, so I just used a big empty goldfish box that was in the recycle bin. I hate having to clean up messy messes…if I can throw it out after…I'm happy. Disposable pots and pans would be a great invention in my opinion. Anyway, the cement mix dries very quickly so i was sure to have everything ready. But then…just as I put the mix and water together into the gold fish box/bucket...
Suddenly, Ahh! It's time to mix and I can't find my wooden spoon. The cement is speed drying and I have nothing to mix it with. I jump up and run to the kitchen to quickly grab another spoon which I know we have more of because it's an annual christmas gift from dad. 

Yes, wooden spoons, a source of laughter and tradition in this family. Dad likes to cook and always manages to make enough to feed an army. Wooden spoons have always been his utensil of choice. So, once all of his 4 children became adults, a pack of wooden spoons for each of us have always been under the Christmas tree. Not Martha Stewart spoons…oh no…they will not do. They must be dollar store spoons or the tradition will be broken. We joke about it, but every one of us manage to use our wooden spoons. We love you dad! 

So, where was I? 
Oh yes, running back to the garage with my wooden spoon.
I pulled my T-shirt over my nose because I didn't want to breath in any quick-drying-cement that may turn my lungs into stone. Don't laugh…it could happen I think…I was just being cautious. I whipped up the cement like a cake batter and then quickly poured into my 2 molds. Yikes…it was just enough for both.
This morning, I woke up fed my boys their breakfast and ran to check on my diamond project. Both molds pulled right off with no problems. I think they turned out great. I used a bit of sand paper to smooth out any rough edges. 

Unfortunately, the very tip of my bigger cement diamond fell off, but I'm pretty sure that I know why that happened. I was suppose to mix out all the lumps, but noticed a couple lumps spill into my bigger mold. I hoped it wouldn't effect anything, but now I'm sure those pesky lumps sank to the bottom (the diamond tip) and that's the reason why it crumbled off. But it was just the tippiest top of the tip so you can't really tell. 

I like them just as they are, but you can also paint them if you prefer. Jessica, from Life's Little Jems, sprayed hers gold, which is also a great idea. I still had all those bright colors in cups from my Rocking Rocks project, so I decided to use it.

I have some other interesting concrete diamond ideas, but they're not yet concrete (pun intended). I'll show them if they turn out well…or else I'll just pretend it never happened.


  1. Laurie,
    Loved your comment about wooden spoons! I will search some out and send you them.
    Love, Dad

  2. Im trying these this weekend, i just made on and it cracked, do i need to add anything besides the cement and water, my partner thinks sand but im not so sure! Your look great btw!