Monday, February 24, 2014


 Spent all weekend making "LOVE".
I mean making "LOVE " art of course.

Remember that DIY diamond project made out of paint chips a few posts back? If not you can see it here. It looked lonely on the wall. It wasn't quite big enough to hang by itself. It clearly needed to be a part of a group…so I added a few friends. I knew just what to do...I gave it some LOVE. 

I had the perfect wrapping paper for the job. Whenever I'm shopping, and see great wrapping paper, I grab it. This particular paper I found at The Container Store. I grabbed all 3 because they looked so good together and I knew there would be some future art project for them.

I pulled all my supplies together and began my masterpiece. 
I used same size, but different color (2 white, 2 black) frames. You could use matching or all completely different frames. Either choice would look great. For the "L" and the "E" I first cut out and attached the wrapping paper to a backing (I just used double stick tape, but a spray mount glue would probably give it the smoothest finish.) I then printed the letters on card stock in giant size different fonts. I cut those letters out and used them as templates on the black paper. I then played with and added some white cut outs on top of the black letters. 

I wanted the "O" design to be similar to the diamond shaped "V". I also thought it would be cool to incorporate one of those great blind-spot-convex-mirrors like the one I used in my plate project several posts back. I played with, arranged,  and then rearranged those darn paint chips over and over until I finally came up with the winning design. I wanted it to be cool and definitely not "crafty". 
"Artsy" yes…"crafty" never. If someone comes into my house and says, "Did you make that?" ….the "that" goes straight into the trash. 
Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but the point is…I don't want anything to look like I made it. I would much rather someone say, "That's the coolest thing I've ever seen. You must have paid a fortune for it.." Okay, maybe that's also a bit of an exaggeration, but I would at least like to hear a simple...
"That's cool. Where did you get it?"

When I had all four frames complete, I laid them out on the floor to admire the final product. …
Then I put them up on the wall above my reading corner. I'm such an expert at hanging art…I only put about 10 holes in the wall before I had them all lined up perfectly.

I hope you liked it. 
I have some other (not-crafty) DIY's coming up very soon so stay tuned. 
See you tomorrow.

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