Monday, February 17, 2014


How to DIY some rockin' rocks
 to add to your home decor arrangements.

Whether you put them on a plate or in a pretty bowl, they're a fun colorful and cool idea…right?

First, I purchased some smooth black stones (I got mine for $2.99 at Michaels). Second, I put some great paint colors in small plastic cups. I just used basic acrylic paint you can buy in any craft store. The cups were small enough to not waste too much paint and big enough to dip a rock into. 

Love those bright colors, but…if my home was a bit more muted I may have chosen a different color selection. Even shades of whites, grays, silvers and golds, or whatever you prefer would work great on these pretty black stones.

My first attempt….

I'm a NOW! kind of girl (I'm working on patience) 
so I did what quickly came to mind. I dipped the rocks and placed them on a cookie cooler thingy I happen to have nearby. In my head I knew the paint would have marks on the back from the cookie cooler thingy, but I just figured I would sand that side and then touch it up with a brush. Why didn't I just paint the rocks with a brush in the first place? I didn't want brush marks and dipping always looks better (smoother). Anyway…let's just say…my first plan didn't work as expected. So I joyfully pulled off the old paint (ok, not exactly or even close to joyfully). Luckily for me and those who were within ear-shot, the rocks were so smooth that the paint literally pealed right off.

Immediately I came up with a brilliant solution. That is…immediately after I tried to use my husbands industrial clamps from the garage and nearly maimed my son had an incident (re-enactment illustration pictured below). I will spare you the many other crazy attempt stories. 
So finally, after I tried all those other interesting solutions… Aha, the old tape and paperclip method worked perfectly.

Anyway, I finished off my beautiful rocks with a coat of glossy spray. I used a Krylon gloss finish that I happened to already have. You can use matte finish if you prefer, but It's important to finish with this process so that the paint doesn't scratch or peal off.

Before today's little project, I hadn't painted on a rock since that one I illegally stole from the shore of New Zealand. My husband and I very briefly lived in Queenstown, New Zealand years ago and I would see all these beautiful stones along the shore of the lake. I was told that it was illegal to remove the stones. New Zealand is beautiful and has a lot of laws in place to keep it that way. In a moment of wild american rebellion, I picked up a stone and put it in my pocket. As I walked through the park area on my way back to the Hotel we were living in, I could feel the weight of that not so small stone hitting against my guilty hip. My eyes darted from left to right as I was sure someone knew I had stolen a highly precious protected New Zealand stone. What would they do to me if I was caught. Maybe make me sheer sheep or bungy jump (New Zealand has more sheep than people and its the birthplace of bungy jumping). When I got back to the Hotel, I quickly disguised it by painting a cat holding a cute little fish on it.

I swiped my rock from the tip of that jet-out of land just above the bungy jumper who was probably just caught stealing a rock of his own.

No, they didn't find it in customs on my way out of the country, even if I did look a bit shifty. I still have it. 

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  1. That is a great story and you did a fantastic job with the paint!