Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today I took a drive over to the Downtown Square of McKinney Texas.
It was lunch time and very busy due to all the cafes and restaurants on the square, but I managed to find a great parking space right next to a home decor shop named GRAY LIVING.

If you've seen any of my past posts, you'll know that I'm personally not much into gray living, but this great shop was put together so well that I almost had a conversion. 

There were so many great pieces, that I had to walk around the store a second time. 

It's one of those places where you need to see all the details. I like the mix of pillows on that pretty settee, especially the faux fur bolster. The clever letters in the round silver frames, and those coasters with the different sword handles pictured on each.

Yes, they are experts in everything gray and beige, but I did find a bit of color hiding in a few places…like the orange pillow under the table.

And these fabulous orange shades.
Gray's and beige's always look great with a few splashes of at least one color.

On my second trip around, I took some photo's of the clever details. You can check them out for yourself at www.GRAYLIVING.com.

Unfortunately, after I left the beauty of GRAY LIVING, no other store in the square seemed quite as interesting. I was getting hungry from breathing in the smells of all the quaint cafes and exhausted from walking in and then right back out of the many antique malls and the not quite as special home decor stores. But then…One fabulous word on a chalkboard sign suddenly had my full attention.  Chandeliers? I love a great chandelier, but No! Jewelry? I enjoy a fantastic piece of jewelry just like most other females, but again No!
The sign said….. FUDGE !

Yes, this store I not only went into, but I made a purchase as well.
Hey, they hand make all their own chocolate. Nobody's suppose to visit a downtown square full of antique shops and not get fudge. It's a rule…isn't it?

As I joyfully strolled back to the car on this amazing sunny and 75' day with my sweet purchase, I saw one last thing that I needed to get a photo of.

A giant chicken of course!

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