Tuesday, February 4, 2014


What inspires you to create? 
For me…it's many things. Yesterday it was a mix of things.
While I was out and about, I saw some cool fabric that would
 great as a pillow or drapes or…. And then I saw those cool purple, red, and green geometric light displays. I checked them out carefully to see how they were made. I always love great wrapping paper. Sometimes I actually even use the wrapping paper as wrapping paper, but usually my mind starts mulling through all the other possibilities for that pretty paper. I purchased the stripes, but I'm going back for the others because I have another great DIY in mind. Have you ever seen the amazing selection of jewelry pendants and pieces in the craft store lately? Yesterday I purchased a couple pieces because I had a specific project in mind. 

I purchased this little metal 3"x3"x2" box for $4.99 at target. I wanted to add something to the top. 

I really loved the shapes and color of the blue pieces and that rose pendant matched the color of the box. I bought them both and I also purchased some little magnets. Since the box is metal, I thought it would be more fun to attach a bauble with a magnet. A magnet I can remove or change anytime I want a different look.

I simply took apart the jewelry 
(I used a little wire cutter to take off the attached rings) 
and then glued the magnets to the back.  

Both choices look great, but today I like the blue 
because it's pretty of course, but it also reminds me of some VERY expensive designer bauble boxes that I really like.

You like?

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