Thursday, February 27, 2014


Coolest gold thumb tack project ever!

And not just because I did it, but because I always wanted an interesting pair of faux deer heads hanging somewhere in my home. By interesting I mean…not just a pair of simply wood or white deer heads. And now I've got a pair of (ok…actually only one so far) really cool gold ones.

So, here's how it started…

I was in Michaels getting ready to buy a completely different item to cover with gold thumbtacks (which I will save for a later DIY date) But then suddenly this baby caught my eye. It was only $12.99. I was pretty excited to see it. I knew it was going to be more than just a great DIY project. I was pretty sure it (they) would end up being the groovy deer heads I had hoped to one day find and hang in my own home.

All that's needed for this great DIY is …

 The paper mache deer head from Michaels. (sku # 311796) 
And gold thumb tacks.  
I called Michaels today and they said all Michaels stores carry this deer head, but if you cant find it in the store, it can be ordered in any Michaels using that SKU number. I purchased my gold thumb tacks from The Dollar Tree store because they were only $1 for 300 tacks. And you might not like to hear this, but you'll need about 1700 gold thumbtacks per deer head. Yes, I know…that's a lot of tacks… just ask my bruised thumb. If you're a master thumb puppeteer or twiddle your thumbs for a living…this may not be the project for you.

I started with the chin, and began overlapping each tack. 
The overlap is important to give it that great finished look. I tacked in rows.

I thumb-tacked one row up the right side and then again starting from the first thumb tack on the chin, I tacked a row up the left side and then back right again and so on. Doing it this way gives it that neat uniform look you want.

After the first box of 300 were finished…this is what it looked like. 

This is what it looked like on the inside. Yes, Ouch! To get those tacks pushed in around the sides of the head I needed to put my hand in that painful space. After trying a few unsuccessful methods, finally I put on the pot holder mitten which worked out great. 

After the head was completely covered, I sang the "this looks fabulous" song and then took a break! My thumb was feeling the pain of pushing in 800 thumb tacks, and it had been a 2 hour long process. 
Later that night while sitting in front of the television, I moved on to the right ear. I wanted to get it finished and I was afraid that if I waited too long my thumb would not be willing to push in another thumb tack.

After the right ear, I began the right antler, which I again tacked in rows. 
Another 2 hours had passed by and I still had the left ear and antler to do. Oy!
It was late. I hung it up to admire my work and almost convinced myself that it looked kind of cool with only one gold ear and antler. 
I told my thumb to get over it and after a good nights sleep I finished the other ear and antler watching television the next day. Now I just need to do the other one.

What a transformation. I think the finished product is very cool…don't you?
When they're both done I think I may put them here…

 (seen through the magic of photoshop) In my living room.

I guess it's time to start working on the next one. The only thing is that I'll have to convince this guy…

C'mon thumb…
After 1700 more tacks we'll have buns thumbs-of-steel. 
We'll even be able to take up thumb wrestling.


A few weeks have passed and I… 
#1) I actually did hang my first deer head (see it in the left photo above).
#2) I finally started working on the second one. This time my thumb is just fine because I haven't been rushing to get the whole thing finished asap. I'm tacking a little bit here and a little bit more there (later). It's worth it …this deer head thumb-tacking project, because they look great.  They're pretty heavy when all those tacks are on, but it's very cool…I love my gold deer heads.


  1. Hi Laurie! WOW! This is so awesome! What a great idea! I love it. And I love your little thumb, too! Hope he feels better soon! xo

    1. Thank You! I'm so glad that you liked it.
      My thumb and I both thank you for your very kind comment.

  2. This is amazing! The gold really pops on your wall -- love it! :)