Thursday, February 13, 2014


Ta-da!  I did it!

I finished the chair that I said I was going to re-do back several posts ago.


I didn't use the striped fabric because I found a better design to match the paint color I chose. I used the Benjamin Moore Mulberry color gloss paint that I was admiring back in my first post (Jan 1). 

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It didn't take that long to do…well, that's if you don't include the two weeks that I spent daily walking past the chair saying, "I really need to start working on this chair." I kept delaying because I was dreading the sanding part. I was sure it would not be an easy or fun process, but for some reason whatever kind of black paint it had been sprayed with was very easily sanded off. 

I had to take 4 layers of old fabric off the seat. The last piece of not-very-pretty fabric had been put on with old, and now rusty, nail tacks. 
"This chair is pretty old," I said out loud to myself as I started sanding. I began to wonder if maybe I shouldn't repaint the chair. What if George Washington had sat in it while eating some rabbit stew or something? 
But alas…it didn't have "George was here 1789" scratched into it anywhere that I could see. So I went ahead and painted 3 thin coats of the mulberry paint. I'm sure it could use one more coat, but that will only happen if Elle Decor calls and says they want to photograph it for the cover of their magazine. It could happen.

So…what do you think? 

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  1. Love your blog Laurie. You are inspiring me! I have 4 dining room chairs to cover and now I think I might add a paint color to them.
    Love- Julie (your cousin)

  2. Thank you! and Thank you for following. I would love to see a before and after photo of your dining room chairs transformation. It's fun to do new things.

  3. oh wow looks so different and is lovely! love the fabric and colors you choose too! This post is the most viewed at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Hope you stop in next weekend and link up again!