Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A great place to steal, borrow….(maybe observe is a better word) 

Is by visiting MODEL HOMES…

You don't have to be in the market for a new home to visit a model. Most model homes have been decorated by good designers and are worth the look. 

You can find great furnishing ideas…like this fabulous coffee table and beautiful rug combination that I now want. Model homes are excellent places to observe important details. Why are details so important ? Well…It would be much easier to show you in just one simple, but glaring photographic illustration.

Like I said…Details are important !
So anyway, stop reminiscing about that one date you may have actually had with "The-Rubber-Clog-Guy" and let's get back to my model home visit.

This was a very nice home with some interesting ideas…like painting these office walls, trim, and ceiling all in one great dark color. Or…

Adding big stripes or big words on the wall. If you're going to add words, just be sure they're words worth looking at everyday. So…the names of all your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends is probably not a good idea.

While in a model home
you can often find what the latest counter top and backsplash trends are.

You just might see a cool gold doggy lamp or get some unique furniture ideas.

The nail heads on the ottoman, interesting ring on the back of the chair, and muslin ribbon trim with big nail heads on the bottom of the couch are all simple DIY projects that you can add to your own pieces at home.

Yes you can!

After passing through the lovely living room with the beautiful exposed wood trusses, and checking out the master bedroom, then… that bathroom…and can we talk about the big closet…

It wasn't about the design, because I would personally add fancier sconces and a pair of fabulous matching venetian mirrors, but about…the size! It left me with new-home-envy.

All in all, the visit was inspiring, and I now have some new ideas, but unfortunately I also now want to buy a new home. Maybe the whole model- home-visit-thing should be re-thunk.
Nah..It was worth it. 
The home I visited, and would now like to live in, is a Huntington Home. 
And the beautiful interior design was done by IBB Design.
And by the way, I also visited the IBB Design showroom today and will be showing you those great photos in an upcoming post. Here's a sneak peek…

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