Friday, March 28, 2014


Vivid Red, vibrant orange, lucite tables, a crystal chandelier and a very large mirror gives this room the wow! factor.

I made another visit to the IBB Design showroom today, and was very delighted to see all the new dazzling displays.

Console tables, matching lamps, and a big hanging piece of art (or mirror) always pleases me. This big butterfly looks very happy to be the center of this lovely vignette. Look closely and you'll see that he has a big happy grin on his little face.

Here's an example of a good way to put together a wall grouping. Lovin' that mirror and I also like those silver twig looking candlesticks on the coffee table. 

Don't be afraid to mix your metallics. This room has both silver and gold pieces that work well together with the gray and gold fabrics.

I like the eclectic feel in this room. The rug, coffee table, mirrored chandelier, and the big mirror leaning against the wall are all pieces I would like to own.

Gray and green. I'm a fan of horizontal stripes. Those striped chairs are not just pretty, they are very comfortable and they even swivel. 

Love the long bench and... wow!…what an inspiring piece of art. It's a masterpiece.
Ha Ha..Yes…I've learned how to use the photoshop.

I like a round table in a dining room, it makes for better conversation. I took a lot of pictures. There's much more to see, but I'll save some for the next post.

Oh yea…yesterday, I wrote that I would show you my chandelier after I added the silver spheres…. Putting holes into those silver suckers was a bit of an issue. The drill didn't work, so I had to use very pointed sharp nails and a hammer.

It definitely makes it a bit more interesting. I'm amused for the moment, but I still want to hang my big star chandelier in this space.

It does look cooler if you happen to be laying on the floor…facing up.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Nailhead trim can look pretty great if done properly.

( Chocolate4LuLu)

It looks especially good on this upholstered headboard.

And I love it as the stunning detail on this lovely piece of furniture.

When it comes to nailhead design, there are many to choose from. 

I once had an upholster add nailhead's to a client's dining room chairs. When I went to pick them up they were not looking so great. The fabric bulged out in spots, and that's when I realized that the upholsterer (that I had not used ever before…or again) had used a version of nailhead trim like in the photo above. I personally don't like them. It's a cheaper and easier way to add nailhead trim, but it shows. I was not happy and had them re-do the chairs. So, if you aren't doing it yourself…make sure you let your upholsterer know not to use the faux-nailhead version.

There  are so many great ways to add a bit of chic design to your furniture pieces by adding nailhead trim. If you're doing it yourself, make sure you draw out your plan, use a tape measure, and get yourself a good mallet or tack hammer.

( Simple Details )

Nailhead trim isn't just for furniture either, you can use it in many places. Add a stylish design to your ceiling (the ceiling is one place where I definitely would consider using the faux-nailhead version…by the way), or…

( unknown)

…to your doors. These are big nails, and I think they look great on these black front doors.

You can use them as trim on a wall, or...

…even as a beautiful wall design instead of moulding.

Today, I found this credenza...

…in one of those used office furniture places. It was only $100 and…because they need to make room for all their new stuff, everything is 50% off this week. So yahoo! it was only $50. It definitely needs a bit of some "Laurie Love" so I will paint it, give it some gorgeous hardware, and …yes, a bit of nail head trim.
But first…I'm adding silver balls to my black chandelier. I'll show you how it turned out in tomorrows post.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A great inexpensive way to add some spring color to your decor is to throw some colorful pillows into the mix. If you're on a budget, Target has some very colorful spring patio pillows for just $12. Maybe they aren't high end fabrics or  filled with goose down, but so what…$12! what a bargain. 

I also saw this great Nate Burkus gold dachshund tape dispenser for $12.99. Cute and a bit glamorous in gold. Every time I go into Target I pass by this black starburst convex mirror. It's only $54.99. I haven't picked it up yet…but you may see it hanging in my home somewhere soon. 

I also stepped into Tjmaxx because it's next-door to Target. And, I can't be that close to a Tjmaxx and not check out what might be in there this week. They always seem to have a stylish lamp or vase that I can't seem to pass by, but today...

I picked up this feather-filled turquoise and khaki pillow ($19.99) because it looks like it needs a bit of DIY creativity added to it. And…if you've followed my past posts, you know how I feel about pretty wrapping paper. I already have a great new DIY in mind for that paper. Hopefully, I'll have it ready for posting in the next few days. I've also been collecting those pretty turquoise beads and the snazzy silver spheres (Hobby Lobby) for a stunning chandelier project. Remember that fabulous green chandelier at Mecox from my BEAUTIFUL BLUE AND GREEN post? That's my inspiration.

So stay tuned for future masterpiece's.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Inspired by the beautiful colors of spring, and because I had some paint I didn't want to waste and an empty frame that needed some art, I created a very colorful painting. 

To you…it may look like a finger painting, but to me…it's an inspired masterpiece. I had more paint left in those little cups that I used when I painted the rocks and that big concrete diamond a few weeks back, so I decided to create one last thing with the leftover paint.

 I began my masterpiece by just pouring out those leftover cups of paint into blobs directly onto the backing board of my frame. I painted in layers. I would like to tell you that I brilliantly had it all planned out, but that's not exactly how it happened. The blobs were pretty thick because the paint had been sitting in those not-very-well-sealed cups for a while. I pushed those thick colorful blobs around the board with the side of a pencil.  

After a while, I put down the pencil and just used my finger to push those blobs around and completely cover the board with color. So I guess it technically is a finger-painting after all. Those colors may look pretty cool here, but they were a bit too much like very bright multicolored camouflage against the wall in my house. I had to add a few more steps. 

That's when I decided to add a bit of white, which turned into a bit too much of white. Oy! I quickly used some rough sand paper to remove most of the heavier white parts, and then I discovered a great way to add some more, and much better, color. I poured out drops of several shades of blue's and green's  and squeegeed them across the board. That looked pretty good.

To add just a bit of some red, yellow, and orange, I dropped very small drips onto the board and gently squeegeed them flat.

And, Ta-dah! I like it. 
C'mon…you know this would cost $2000.00 in one of those Interior Design shops. I'll only charge you $1800. Just kidding…you make one…it's easy and fun to create your own masterpiece. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I decided to take a long drive out to a place where a bit of inspiration can always be found. 

A place where you can find things that you definitely don't see anywhere else, like giant dinosaurs for your front yard, a real rusted out old air force jet, some life size santa's and a whole lot of other odd stuff, but if you look carefully  ..you can also find a few very nice pieces of antique furniture, beautiful candlesticks, unique vases etc...

I like the many venetian mirrors hidden here and there, and I would have really liked to have taken home this 8-10 foot long Majestic Diner sign and hang it in the kitchen. It's fun to add a few unusual pieces to your home decor.

The venetian mirrors, I like, but those little girls with the blue dresses and those very suspicious shovels… If I saw them in someone's garden, lets just say…if anyone was missing, that little girl would be my first suspect. 

Just past the giant sized seahorse, and the pig and pork collection...

I found this great large, and yet miniature, cathedral. I'm not sure where it can go, but it is pretty cool.

Ahhh…all the groovy rusty junk you can ever want. My favorite is the stars. They were less than $2 each. I purchased a bunch and plan to gold-leaf them and then add them to some interesting project that I haven't exactly come up with yet.

Lol! Look what I found!…..

Maybe I will be skipping through those tulip fields after all.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Finally…Spring has arrived!

I can't help but love a brightly colored gerbera daisy. Spring inspires me to get outside more often of course, but all the gorgeous spring colors also inspire me to create more. 

Hmmm…maybe I'll create a self portrait in live flowers like this amazing piece of art created by Klaus Enrique. If my neighbor (Faith) happens to be reading this…I promise not to pick the beautiful tulips that you planted…but they are a lovely shade of yellow that would look really good in a floral portrait.

I would really like to go to Holland, where I could pick tulips of any and every color. I would put some wooden clogs on and skip my way through the fields of colorful…  Well, maybe leave out the clogs and the skipping part, but it would be fun to see this amazingly beautiful scene in more than just a photo.

I'm pretty sure that these two gals live in Holland.

Wow…this tree has grown some giant flowers, it was created by South Korean artist, Choi Jeong-Hwa. He must be a happy guy...because I'm pretty sure that you can't be grumpy and create sculptures like this.

( By Artist David Kracov)
Only beautiful words can come out of these flowery lips.

Giant funky sculptures in the park remind me of yet ...another New Zealand memory. While we were there, we would try to travel around and explore as many nearby towns as possible. It seemed that almost every town had some fun giant sculpture. I have photo's of me, or my husband, standing in front of giant fruit…peaches I think, giant fish, and some giant other stuff too. I thought it would have been really fun to travel around the world taking pictures of just giant things. When I find my box of photo's…I'll share our giant adventures.

Well, I guess it's time to get out my tubes of paint so that I can start creating.
Enjoy the spring and don't forget to create.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Lovin' a LOVE pillow

Remember the LOVE pillow that I was lovin' yesterday?

Well…it inspired me to make my own LOVE pillow.

AH..ha! I suddenly remembered that I had this orange zebra pillow, and how I couldn't seem to ever find just the right spot for it. So I ran to the fabric store to find some fuchsia fabric that I could cut into L O V E letters.

I also purchased some fusing paper to iron onto the fabric.

Then I made and cut-out some different size L O V E letters, just like the ones on the inspiration pillow, and traced them backwards onto the wrong (or back) side of the fabric with the fusing paper on it.

I cut those groovy letters out.

Removed the paper backing, placed them how I wanted them on my pillow, and ironed them on.

And voila! Now I have my own cool LOVE pillow. I did buy some matching fuchsia thread and am planning to sew around the letters sometime in the near future, that's after I finish thumb tacking another 1700 gold thumbtacks to that second deer head of course.