Thursday, March 20, 2014


Lovin' a LOVE pillow

Remember the LOVE pillow that I was lovin' yesterday?

Well…it inspired me to make my own LOVE pillow.

AH..ha! I suddenly remembered that I had this orange zebra pillow, and how I couldn't seem to ever find just the right spot for it. So I ran to the fabric store to find some fuchsia fabric that I could cut into L O V E letters.

I also purchased some fusing paper to iron onto the fabric.

Then I made and cut-out some different size L O V E letters, just like the ones on the inspiration pillow, and traced them backwards onto the wrong (or back) side of the fabric with the fusing paper on it.

I cut those groovy letters out.

Removed the paper backing, placed them how I wanted them on my pillow, and ironed them on.

And voila! Now I have my own cool LOVE pillow. I did buy some matching fuchsia thread and am planning to sew around the letters sometime in the near future, that's after I finish thumb tacking another 1700 gold thumbtacks to that second deer head of course. 


  1. Aunt Laurie, you are absolutely brilliant! When we redo my room you are getting on the first plane here! Then you can help me make the LOVE pillows for my bed! We all love you and miss you!!!! <3 visit soon! -Kelsey!

    1. Thanks Kelsey:-) & I would love to help you "LOVE"-up your room. Love & miss you too.
      See you in the summer :)