Monday, March 17, 2014


Took a stroll through one of those antique/handmade stuff malls today. 
You know…a place where people rent a space to set up their own little shop.

Well, I couldn't actually give you the details of what was actually in each little shop, because I was too busy doing that looking-at-the-props-instead-of-the-stuff thing that I like to do. I'm usually more interested in the clever ways people sign or display their stuff…unless of course I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket. No cash today, but I did see some creative stuff.

When just a sign won't do.

This Urban Junkie sign reminds me of an interesting piece of art I once wanted to buy. Hanging on a wall was a red hood of a car with a Keith-Haring-ish-stick-figure cut out of it. Next to the hood was a tricycle with the stick figure riding it, and it was titled "Little Red Riding Hood."

This is one of the best. Not just a great frame or good lettering, that extra detail of the birds and nest deserve a bit of applause.

Love this wall of WORDS. My favorites are "PRAY BIG" and "WHERE THE HECK IS EASY STREET?" (I'm still looking for that street).

Some nifty up-cycling going on here.

This creative entrepreneur gets the prize of the day. She, an interior decorator, didn't even need a whole booth. She came up with a very unique way to display her design boards, business cards, and information signage. Gotta give props to these props.

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