Tuesday, March 18, 2014


That's what I say each morning as I bite into a delicious egg yolk while listening to other people talk about their just-egg-whites breakfast.

(elle décor)

It's fun to have a bit of yellow in your life.

(MMR Interiors)
Love the way these yellow drapes look with the vibrant red art and this pretty blue chair. Did you think primary colors could look so elegant? I'm pretty sure if someone told me they were going to put a large piece of red art next to yellow drapes…I may have first pictured a McDonalds. What makes it work so well is the quality drapery fabric, the style of the chair and the items surrounding it.

In this mostly beige space the single yellow chair is the life, the "happy place" of the room.

Hello Yellow! These yellow leather chairs make a seriously yellow statement.

(Robyn Karp Interiors)
Yellow is sometimes associated with being timid or weak, but yellow also represents hope, joy, celebration, and light. So if you need some more joy in your life…you can start by adding a bit of yellow into your space.

(Graeme Boyle photo)
Fun yellow chandelier…a yellow I can live with.

(Lamps plus, etsy, Urban trends)

You can paint yellow walls or buy yellow furniture, but I prefer to add it in smaller doses like in my daffodils, lamps, pillows, vases, ...and eggs of course.

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