Thursday, March 27, 2014


Nailhead trim can look pretty great if done properly.

( Chocolate4LuLu)

It looks especially good on this upholstered headboard.

And I love it as the stunning detail on this lovely piece of furniture.

When it comes to nailhead design, there are many to choose from. 

I once had an upholster add nailhead's to a client's dining room chairs. When I went to pick them up they were not looking so great. The fabric bulged out in spots, and that's when I realized that the upholsterer (that I had not used ever before…or again) had used a version of nailhead trim like in the photo above. I personally don't like them. It's a cheaper and easier way to add nailhead trim, but it shows. I was not happy and had them re-do the chairs. So, if you aren't doing it yourself…make sure you let your upholsterer know not to use the faux-nailhead version.

There  are so many great ways to add a bit of chic design to your furniture pieces by adding nailhead trim. If you're doing it yourself, make sure you draw out your plan, use a tape measure, and get yourself a good mallet or tack hammer.

( Simple Details )

Nailhead trim isn't just for furniture either, you can use it in many places. Add a stylish design to your ceiling (the ceiling is one place where I definitely would consider using the faux-nailhead version…by the way), or…

( unknown)

…to your doors. These are big nails, and I think they look great on these black front doors.

You can use them as trim on a wall, or...

…even as a beautiful wall design instead of moulding.

Today, I found this credenza...

…in one of those used office furniture places. It was only $100 and…because they need to make room for all their new stuff, everything is 50% off this week. So yahoo! it was only $50. It definitely needs a bit of some "Laurie Love" so I will paint it, give it some gorgeous hardware, and …yes, a bit of nail head trim.
But first…I'm adding silver balls to my black chandelier. I'll show you how it turned out in tomorrows post.

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