Friday, March 21, 2014


Finally…Spring has arrived!

I can't help but love a brightly colored gerbera daisy. Spring inspires me to get outside more often of course, but all the gorgeous spring colors also inspire me to create more. 

Hmmm…maybe I'll create a self portrait in live flowers like this amazing piece of art created by Klaus Enrique. If my neighbor (Faith) happens to be reading this…I promise not to pick the beautiful tulips that you planted…but they are a lovely shade of yellow that would look really good in a floral portrait.

I would really like to go to Holland, where I could pick tulips of any and every color. I would put some wooden clogs on and skip my way through the fields of colorful…  Well, maybe leave out the clogs and the skipping part, but it would be fun to see this amazingly beautiful scene in more than just a photo.

I'm pretty sure that these two gals live in Holland.

Wow…this tree has grown some giant flowers, it was created by South Korean artist, Choi Jeong-Hwa. He must be a happy guy...because I'm pretty sure that you can't be grumpy and create sculptures like this.

( By Artist David Kracov)
Only beautiful words can come out of these flowery lips.

Giant funky sculptures in the park remind me of yet ...another New Zealand memory. While we were there, we would try to travel around and explore as many nearby towns as possible. It seemed that almost every town had some fun giant sculpture. I have photo's of me, or my husband, standing in front of giant fruit…peaches I think, giant fish, and some giant other stuff too. I thought it would have been really fun to travel around the world taking pictures of just giant things. When I find my box of photo's…I'll share our giant adventures.

Well, I guess it's time to get out my tubes of paint so that I can start creating.
Enjoy the spring and don't forget to create.


  1. "happy spring! beautiful flowers!" from mom, typed by Kelsey:)

    1. Thank you Kelsey. Happy Sprng to you too :-)