Monday, March 10, 2014


Look what I just discovered in Dallas...

A smashing new place to find inspiration! 
The Timothy Oulton Dallas Flagship store. 
As soon as I walked in the door…I knew I was going to like this place. It's unique with a British edge and definitely inspiring. I was captivated and didn't know what to look at first.

As I walked past the fish tank with the yellow submarine in it…Yes, that's what I said wrote…SUBMARINE, I'm pretty sure I could hear those fish singing…"We all live…"  

To the left of the singing fish was this big plushy white sofa with the airplane propeller coffee table and the standup lamp that looks more like one of a pair of console lamps that may have been found in a giant's house…on a giant console of course. 

This hip sofa and ottoman should leave no doubt as to the roots of this clever designer. It's definitely the sofa of a rock star…or anyone else hip enough to add it to their groovy space.

Clearly, the living space of an Aston-Martin-driving-bachelor. I'm diggin' those groovy art deco Mars Chairs. Next visit I'm going to have to sit in that sofa, it looks like a big comfy polar bear.

The mix of metal, leather, and crystal is interesting in an edgy way. I can see a giant piece of modern art on a wall in this room. 

Gotta love those crystal chandeliers.

I think every space needs an unusual piece like this big train, don't you? 

What an original way to disguise boring pillars and add some fun to the design of a room. I just don't want to be standing too close if someone decides that they want to read one of those books near the bottom.

Look over there…in the back of this space…it's the giant's scull. I guess they got more than just his lamps. There are many cool big and little (hint) details in this space, but I'm saving those for tomorrow's post.

 Who needs a starburst mirror when you can have a snazzy tennis-racket-burst-thingy. Hope you've been inspired. There was just so much to see, so I'm spreading it out over two days. This way I can show you a lot more great pictures. Tomorrow… the many innovative and fascinating details I found at the Dallas Timothy Oulton store.

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