Friday, March 28, 2014


Vivid Red, vibrant orange, lucite tables, a crystal chandelier and a very large mirror gives this room the wow! factor.

I made another visit to the IBB Design showroom today, and was very delighted to see all the new dazzling displays.

Console tables, matching lamps, and a big hanging piece of art (or mirror) always pleases me. This big butterfly looks very happy to be the center of this lovely vignette. Look closely and you'll see that he has a big happy grin on his little face.

Here's an example of a good way to put together a wall grouping. Lovin' that mirror and I also like those silver twig looking candlesticks on the coffee table. 

Don't be afraid to mix your metallics. This room has both silver and gold pieces that work well together with the gray and gold fabrics.

I like the eclectic feel in this room. The rug, coffee table, mirrored chandelier, and the big mirror leaning against the wall are all pieces I would like to own.

Gray and green. I'm a fan of horizontal stripes. Those striped chairs are not just pretty, they are very comfortable and they even swivel. 

Love the long bench and... wow!…what an inspiring piece of art. It's a masterpiece.
Ha Ha..Yes…I've learned how to use the photoshop.

I like a round table in a dining room, it makes for better conversation. I took a lot of pictures. There's much more to see, but I'll save some for the next post.

Oh yea…yesterday, I wrote that I would show you my chandelier after I added the silver spheres…. Putting holes into those silver suckers was a bit of an issue. The drill didn't work, so I had to use very pointed sharp nails and a hammer.

It definitely makes it a bit more interesting. I'm amused for the moment, but I still want to hang my big star chandelier in this space.

It does look cooler if you happen to be laying on the floor…facing up.

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