Wednesday, March 5, 2014


As I was out driving yesterday, I wondered where I might find my next design inspiration. Then suddenly, I noticed this nice looking apartment building with pretty blue tile work over the front doors.

I stopped to take a photo of the blue tile and wondered if maybe...possibly there was a good looking furnished-model-apartment hidden somewhere behind those tinted doors. I decided it was a mystery worth checking out. I wasn't in need of a new place to live or anything, but I'm always in need of some great new design inspiration. 

Before I even had a chance to ask about furnished models… my eye caught this snazzy scene. That glamorous chandelier hanging over the stylish round black bench that looks like it belongs in a chichi Chanel store. 
"I MUST SEE MORE!" I demanded. 
Okay…that part was just in my head, but I did politely ask if I may take some photos to share with my Inspired yet again blog viewers.

Just around the corner was this swanky lounge. The sofas, the tables and snazzy ottomans are all quite mod, don't you think? 
Yes, I have expanded my adjectives. "Cool!" is no longer my only go to word…even if I am thinking it.. 

The pale blue and vivid orange look really good together. I like that graphic rug design. These are the colors I've used in my own office (pictured back in my first post). And if you look up...

You'll see this delightful grouping of pendant lighting. I'm captivated by the wallpaper ceiling, which we also saw in my CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS AND FUCHSIA PILLOWS post. I have just now decided that I must do this (stylish wallpaper on the ceiling) in my front entrance.

There was actually a delightful furnished model to view, 
but it was that lobby that seemed to capture my attention. 
Did you happen to notice the sconces flanking the bar area?

Today I was... Inspired Yet Again. 
You never know what you just might find hidden behind a pair of tinted doors..

The door by the way is in Frisco Texas at the 
Colonial Reserve at Frisco Bridges Apartment Homes.

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