Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Yesterday I mentioned that I like yellow in small doses, but today is another day. 
Suddenly, this in-your-face, seriously-yellow, leather tufted wingback chair with the nailhead details is looking pretty good. 

Maybe it's the whole vignette. A stylish gold and turquoise lamp, the very-red credenza, bold art, turquoise mirror, and just a bit of zebra, all on the black and turquoise rug looks like a corner in a fabulous office design. I could be quite happy in that office, and I might just add one of those big light up smiley faces (from this "A Happy Place" post) just to top it all off. 

As I wandered through the streets looking for some new inspiration I remembered that there was a Kathy Adams furnishings and design store not too far away that I hadn't yet visited...believe it or not. And here's what I found…

The yellow leather chair vignette on one side, and these bold-black-and-white comfy wingback chairs on the other side, lured me in a bit farther.

This lovely mirror and chandelier give a perfect bit of elegance to this dining room. I'm not normally into black ceilings but I really like it in this space.

Mirrors and chandeliers…gotta love'm. Especially when the mirror is placed in just the right place to reflect the chandelier.

The colorful pillow selections had me longing to put some new ones in my home. Lovin' the LOVE pillow.

I'm diggin' the detail on this bench. It would look great in the foyer with those new pillows I want. Which reminds me of a pillow story. Several years ago when my husband and I briefly moved to New Zealand, where I swiped and painted that rock (you can read about the theft here), I had some very expensive beautiful pillows made. I splurged on some fabulous fabric, purchased some oversized and overpriced down pillow-fills, and then had a quality high-end-upholster sew them up for us. We had them wrapped and shipped over in the container with the best of all our furniture. Just months later, before our shipped furniture even arrived, we decided to come back to Texas early and not stay the planned two years. Well…long story short…our stuff didn't arrive back in Texas until two years later. It was like christmas opening up all the stuff that we had pretty much written off. When I unwrapped the brand new,…never-even-seen-a-sofa-yet pillows, I was pretty happy. I placed them ever so gracefully on our sofa, gave them an ever so gentle karate chop, and stood back to admire them. They looked just perfect… I was so pleased. In that amazing moment... I may have even shed a tear of interior-design-delight over them. Even our new cat seemed to think they were great…sooo great in-fact... that he promptly pee'd on both of them. And that... was the beginning and the end of my most expensive lovely pillows.

Covering books in pretty paper is a great way to liven up a book case. I also like the look of this collection of small globes in the glass dome. 
No! that 's not the dog from Conan O'brien.

Check out this fantastic Theodore Alexander desk… 

What's not to love about a beautiful inlaid wood secretary that looks like a few very tiny people might live in it.

What a creative group of craftsman those Theodore Alexander designers are..putting all these clever little doors and tiny stairs with secret places to stash all our secret stuff.

Hope you enjoyed another day of inspiration…come back tomorrow and see what else might inspire you. 

Thank you to Kathy Adams for letting me photograph and share your lovely style.


  1. You need the desk to go with the tiny couch :) ~Summer Reigns

    1. LOL :-) Only if I can find a little chandelier to go with it.