Wednesday, March 12, 2014


"Don't throw those away!" I said a bit loudly to my husband as I noticed him carrying a pile of his old jeans toward the garbage bin a few days ago. "I'm going to do something cool with them", I continued, having no idea what I would actually do with them. He just rolled his eyes a bit as he handed me the pile. But…ha…I did do something!
It's not this great Levis denim dog, but isn't he pretty special?

I thought about just making a groovy piece of framed denim art.
Look at this amazing art made completely out of pieces of old denim by artist Ian Berry. You have to google him…the guy makes masterpieces out of old jeans. 

Look at all those tiny pieces he cuts and glues. 
If you're expecting to see my self portrait in denim….think again.

(source unknown)
I also love the look of this inspiring geometric denim design, but I wasn't feeling the patience for such a project. I imagine it would have thrown me into a bit of measuring madness.

So I created something a bit more simple, a fun denim pillow.

I mixed in some of the striped fabric I had been hoping to find a good project for. I first cut out pieces of denim from the legs of the jeans. I purposely didn't cut on the seam lines because I wanted the stitched seams to be part of the striped design of the pillow. By the way, It helps to use a roller blade and a cutting mat with a grid. After my pieces were all cut out I planned out the design.

I cut it in half so that I could make a long vertical striped pillow. I off set the two pieces so that the heavy seams wouldn't match up and make it too difficult to sew. That way the two sides are a bit different, which I think also makes the pillow more unique.

I think it turned out pretty great.

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