Monday, March 24, 2014


Inspired by the beautiful colors of spring, and because I had some paint I didn't want to waste and an empty frame that needed some art, I created a very colorful painting. 

To you…it may look like a finger painting, but to me…it's an inspired masterpiece. I had more paint left in those little cups that I used when I painted the rocks and that big concrete diamond a few weeks back, so I decided to create one last thing with the leftover paint.

 I began my masterpiece by just pouring out those leftover cups of paint into blobs directly onto the backing board of my frame. I painted in layers. I would like to tell you that I brilliantly had it all planned out, but that's not exactly how it happened. The blobs were pretty thick because the paint had been sitting in those not-very-well-sealed cups for a while. I pushed those thick colorful blobs around the board with the side of a pencil.  

After a while, I put down the pencil and just used my finger to push those blobs around and completely cover the board with color. So I guess it technically is a finger-painting after all. Those colors may look pretty cool here, but they were a bit too much like very bright multicolored camouflage against the wall in my house. I had to add a few more steps. 

That's when I decided to add a bit of white, which turned into a bit too much of white. Oy! I quickly used some rough sand paper to remove most of the heavier white parts, and then I discovered a great way to add some more, and much better, color. I poured out drops of several shades of blue's and green's  and squeegeed them across the board. That looked pretty good.

To add just a bit of some red, yellow, and orange, I dropped very small drips onto the board and gently squeegeed them flat.

And, Ta-dah! I like it. 
C'mon…you know this would cost $2000.00 in one of those Interior Design shops. I'll only charge you $1800. Just kidding…you make one…it's easy and fun to create your own masterpiece. 

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