Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Only a handful of times can I remember being a bit obsessed about an item I saw and left behind in a store. This little leather sofa, at the Timothy Oulton Dallas store, has somehow become my latest obsession.

I was told that before the leather artisans at Timothy Oulton are allowed to work on regular sized furniture, they must pass the mini leather test. The only reason I haven't run back into the store to buy it is because I wouldn't be able to explain to my husband why I spent over $400 on a piece of furniture that neither of us can sit on. But…I say to you little leather sofa, "One day soon…I'm coming back for you."

Anyway, enough about my obsession of the moment, let's talk about Union Jack furniture and giant spheres. All I can hear in my head when I look at this photo is Austin Powers (Mike Myers) saying, "Pretty groovy baby."

Antique suitcases, and giant drums filled with books are just a few of the interesting accessories I found at Timothy Oulton. 

There are beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging in every unique space, gotta love that.

These blue and white plates hanging so close together on this black wall look pretty good,don't they?

Check out these great ball stools. Every man cave needs a set of these. 

Hmmm...A skull made of skulls…Ooook.  A saddle chair, giant silver sphere and equally giant spotlight. You don't see a collection as unique as this one everyday.
But, I'm still obsessed by that little tan leather sofa with the nail heads. I know exactly where it will go. That little tufted chair is pretty great as well.

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure at the Timothy Oulton store. 

See you tomorrow!

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