Saturday, March 1, 2014


Had a quick stop-and-see over at FORTY FIVE TEN yesterday.
Thought you might like to see as well.

They do have a pretty store front, don't they?

Aren't those pillow balls…spheres pretty great. They're made by Andrew Yes.  I seriously want one of those black (more like gray) and white star pillow spheres. I also took a photo of that beautiful Maison Martin Margielo crystalacitite (Swaroski crystal) necklace and bracelet because they're just so cool.  And the Eduardo Garza black lucite box with that big chunk of gold and amethyst on top is amazing. And it will only cost you a mere $1900.00. 
Just put it all on your wish list.

It's fun to look at pretty stuff. Pretty stuff inspires me to create. 

These metal rose covered pieces are by Jan Barboglio.

I also went back in to the beautiful MECOX store. 
I wanted to check out the vignette re-do.

That very long table was hidden under the great mix of mirrors, art and spheres in our past Mecox post. Wish I had a place for it. Do you have room for a table for 16? By the way, those baskets and that clam shell are giant when you're standing next to them. 

Jason, the very talented guy who gets to re-arrange all that fabulous stuff was still in the process of getting it all together, but it looks good so far. 
I'm diggin' those geometric lamps.

 So, I'll just have to go back in again next week and look at all that beautiful merchandise once more. Poor me…I guess I have to spend another day out shopping. Hide the check book!

After Mecox I made one last brief stop into another store 
on my way home where I saw this chair…       

(Their chair on the left & my chair on the right)
Hmmm…same color as the one I just painted, and it was $995 …I'm just sayin'

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