Monday, March 3, 2014


It's get organized Monday!

It's not an official holiday or anything, but school happens to be closed for my kids today because there's ice on the roads this 15 degree morning. Can't drive anywhere…so I'm calling it "Get Organized Monday." Yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees, today it's below freezing. Gotta love Texas.

(image via Vogue Home)

So, I guess it's a good day to get organized.

(image via Pinterest)

But do it fabulously of course. Whether it's your jewelry...

Like how Mecox Dallas put this jewelry display together. This is much more fun than throwing it all in a box somewhere. Or if it's your collection of…

Colorful hand blown glass vases with swirly tops. Don't you have some of these?

Just take a stroll through the Container Store 
and you'll discover that there's no excuse to not be organized in a pretty way.

Seriously, they have everything in almost every possible color. It's a bit overwhelming to tell you the truth, but fun as well.

Even Marshalls has some great get-yourself-organized stuff.

Here's a great idea…

(image via Good Looking Things blog)

Use some of that great stuff you keep hidden on a shelf. 
Like maybe a few pieces of that china you just had to have but only 
use once every 4 years. 

I don't mind a day of organization, but I can't wait until it's…
 "the kid's are back in school and I can leave the house again" Tuesday.

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