Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A great inexpensive way to add some spring color to your decor is to throw some colorful pillows into the mix. If you're on a budget, Target has some very colorful spring patio pillows for just $12. Maybe they aren't high end fabrics or  filled with goose down, but so what…$12! what a bargain. 

I also saw this great Nate Burkus gold dachshund tape dispenser for $12.99. Cute and a bit glamorous in gold. Every time I go into Target I pass by this black starburst convex mirror. It's only $54.99. I haven't picked it up yet…but you may see it hanging in my home somewhere soon. 

I also stepped into Tjmaxx because it's next-door to Target. And, I can't be that close to a Tjmaxx and not check out what might be in there this week. They always seem to have a stylish lamp or vase that I can't seem to pass by, but today...

I picked up this feather-filled turquoise and khaki pillow ($19.99) because it looks like it needs a bit of DIY creativity added to it. And…if you've followed my past posts, you know how I feel about pretty wrapping paper. I already have a great new DIY in mind for that paper. Hopefully, I'll have it ready for posting in the next few days. I've also been collecting those pretty turquoise beads and the snazzy silver spheres (Hobby Lobby) for a stunning chandelier project. Remember that fabulous green chandelier at Mecox from my BEAUTIFUL BLUE AND GREEN post? That's my inspiration.

So stay tuned for future masterpiece's.

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