Thursday, March 6, 2014


"BUT WAIT…there's more" is probably what I should have titled this post. 

I spent the morning looking back at all the design photos I had taken. 
I always take many more photos than I actually post. So today I thought you might like to see some of the photos I hadn't shared. This is a really great table with fun stools that I found in Neiman Marcus.

Also at Neiman Marcus, I was mesmerized by this very unusual light up crystal console, mirror, and lamp from Waterford's London Collection. ($3,000-$20,000)

I want one of those beautiful star chandeliers. I'm into blue these days which is obviously why we see a lot of blue here. I especially love a fabulous piece of blue furniture like this one with the snazzy gold accents. Those blue urns are actually giant blue urns, and I just thought that the black and white houndstooth check carpeting looked pretty great on those stairs.

Lovin' this glass antler chandelier at the Rutherford Design showroom.

I like the way they mixed the modern style black and white wallpaper with traditional furniture. That's the eclectic kind of mix I like.

This is what the rest of that room with the really cool fireplace wall looked like. If you didn't see that room you can scroll back a few pages to check it out.

Maybe I'll have to do a post like this every few weeks and call it …
"The missing photos."

So let's go back to the Gray Living store. 
That's the day I found some yummy fudge.

I don't think I showed you all their lovely garden decor.

I remember taking this photo because I wanted to show how a rustic table, that one person might consider throwing away, could look just right in the right setting. 

Nice lamp.

This is from Anthropology. 
The deer head in the lower right photo has a hole in his head for flowers, and I like the stork serving plate thingy. It would be even more appealing if it had a tasty collection of cupcakes on it, don't you think?

Here's some of what you didn't see at Mecox…

This looks like it should be in a lake house.

Orange accents.

Cool chairs and love the big star on the table.

And one last photo collage from an Ethan Allen store.

Did you like seeing the missing photos? Should I do this kind of post again?

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