Saturday, March 22, 2014


I decided to take a long drive out to a place where a bit of inspiration can always be found. 

A place where you can find things that you definitely don't see anywhere else, like giant dinosaurs for your front yard, a real rusted out old air force jet, some life size santa's and a whole lot of other odd stuff, but if you look carefully  ..you can also find a few very nice pieces of antique furniture, beautiful candlesticks, unique vases etc...

I like the many venetian mirrors hidden here and there, and I would have really liked to have taken home this 8-10 foot long Majestic Diner sign and hang it in the kitchen. It's fun to add a few unusual pieces to your home decor.

The venetian mirrors, I like, but those little girls with the blue dresses and those very suspicious shovels… If I saw them in someone's garden, lets just say…if anyone was missing, that little girl would be my first suspect. 

Just past the giant sized seahorse, and the pig and pork collection...

I found this great large, and yet miniature, cathedral. I'm not sure where it can go, but it is pretty cool.

Ahhh…all the groovy rusty junk you can ever want. My favorite is the stars. They were less than $2 each. I purchased a bunch and plan to gold-leaf them and then add them to some interesting project that I haven't exactly come up with yet.

Lol! Look what I found!…..

Maybe I will be skipping through those tulip fields after all.

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