Friday, March 14, 2014


It's spring break here in Texas. This week I had to drag my boys off the basketball court for a couple of hours so that I could seek out some new inspiration to photograph. They, my kiddos, can describe all the details of the outside of the Wisteria store because they wouldn't get out of the car ("seriously mom, we don't want to look at pillows and mirrors" was what I heard), but I did get out of the car and go in…so here are a few photo's that may inspire you.

You may know Wisteria as a catalog and online store, but they happen to have one actual store space and it's here in Dallas. I expected it to be set up more like your average furniture store with vignettes like this…

Green living space from Wisteria online. I like the glass table with the lamp. 
But instead of the usual furniture store layout their Dallas store looks more like this…

A big warehouse space with groupings of "looks" here and there. I like all the great shades of blue in this space. I even like that wall with the thin strips of wood mixed with wide planks design.

In this space I see the great shades of blue of course, but my eye also goes to those benches because I always like a stylish bench.

Shall we talk about the elephant in the room? Wisteria has a lot of one of a kind items that they refer to as "rare birds". I would think that this very large wooden elephant definitely fits into that category. Do you have a space for him? Maybe you can make him into a lamp like that cool horse in yesterdays post. I can imagine a snazzy colorful lampshade at the tip of his trunk. You may not be able to fit anything else in that room, but you will have an intriguing conversation piece.

Ah…the great wall of pillows. So many pretty pillows to look at, my boys don't know what they're missing.

Here's an idea. They took several poetry books and stapled all the pages to the wall instead of wallpaper. I think I need one of those glass tables. I can picture a stunning little stool placed under it.

I love me a good mirror…okay more like many good mirrors. I have at least one mirror (sometimes more) in every room in my house. A mirror grouping is an excellent idea. It's not just pretty…it also expands the space.

Obviously, I can't get enough of the blue.

But here's a bit of green for the green lovers. This makes me want to buy a piece of furniture, paint it, and add some pretty wallpaper onto the doors or drawers.

This last inspiring photo, from their online store, inspires me in a big way. The bright colors are great, but it also reminds me of some great photos that I took in a beautiful dahlia garden in North Carolina a few years back. Uh oh…I feel a major DIY project coming on.

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