Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Sorry about the pause between posts. 
Spent a few days seeking inspiration.Currently working on a masterpiece, and just finished a great new pillow. 

Spending the day creating art with my collection of brightly colored wrapping paper.

But first I will show you my latest pillow.

The groovy blue pillow is my newest. Saw that fabric and knew I must make it into a fabulous pillow. 

The wrapping paper masterpiece…so far. 
I had planned on a 4th, I have one more frame ready to go, but…maybe it's only meant to be a series of 3. It started out as just geometric shaped modern art. Squares, circles, stripes, unusual blobs, I tried it all, but finally it became a series of funky flowers.

I had planned to put these in a spot that needs some art to hang vertically.

But…what about that 4th frame….

Maybe it's suppose to be for the lemon artist. And maybe I should add him into the series.

I'm kidding of course…..
but on the other hand, I do like to do unusual things and he does make me smile.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I went out for some Jewish rye bread 
and came home with some unique inspiration. 

The fancy grocery store happens to be in one of those newer style shopping developments. The kind made to look like it's own quaint village of buildings with beautiful apartments above and lovely shops below. As I drove past the Anthropologie store, I noticed a window display change and decided to check it out. That company's display people are very creative, and I often find something that inspires me. Today it was a blue beaded chandelier. I was also amused by the giant arrow…It seems that I can find some unusual very BIG stuff wherever I go.

I liked the chandelier of dried orange slices. 
It would be a good diy project to make and hang at an outdoor spring party.

I was amused by all the fun plate choices.

I always check out the groovy lighting at Anthropologie, like this Dandelion chandelier, Guilded Peacock lamp, and the Prism Stud chandelier.

Check out this interesting wooden chair covered in what appears to be patches of tapestry. Each chair was different, but I preferred all the lovely shades of blue and the bird motif on this one.

The dish towels in my kitchen are all one color (usually white so that we can bleach them when washing) , but I enjoy checking out all the clever designs. I actually even bought one this time.

This funny Chubby-Lemon-Guy made me laugh out loud. He's not just a lemon guy…he's an artist. I couldn't pass it by. I'm definitely not going to use him as a dish towel. Oh no, he's much to special for that. He's going to become either a pillow or maybe I'll frame him. Either way…he makes me smile.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I bought a beautiful Gardenia topiary tree. I'm not sure if I can keep it alive in this hot Texas climate, but I'll try. I love the scent of gardenias.

The first bloom appeared this week. Gardenias always remind me of the time when we were at my Mom's house, and my one and a half year old son (now almost 13) picked a gardenia and walked around with it practically attached to his nose all day. He obviously also likes the scent of gardenias, and thankfully I was able to capture a permanent image of that day. Thank God for mommy's with cameras.

Also, Look what I found at TJMaxx today….

Two Chrysler buildings to add to my collection. One silver and one gold…of course I got them both…I do want to be able to sleep tonight.

I also saw this….

The Big Apple! 
It was $450 so I didn't buy it, but it was pretty cool. where does one put a giant size apple?

Now my skyline vignette's are both anchored by chrysler buildings.

Monday, April 21, 2014


If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I collect metal buildings. 

I collect both the souvenir kind, and the newer ones that sometimes hit the market…like the great Chrysler building below that I purchased at Z-Gallerie.

 I'm a fan of all great architecture, but I specifically enjoy a great skyscraper. That's my prized Empire State Building lamp next to my newer Z-Gallerie Chrysler building…(which made me very happy when I discovered it). I found the Empire State building lamp sitting on a shelf in an antique store in downtown Dallas quite a few years ago. I didn't buy it because it was priced a bit high. I couldn't sleep that night because I was convinced that I needed to add it to my collection and was now so sure someone else would grab it. I was a lot younger and a bit more obsessive about my collection back then.The next day, I of course went back and paid the high price. I'm not as obsessed about that stuff these days, but I'm really glad I have my Empire State Building lamp. 

Most of the rest of my collection I keep in my blue-striped-octogan-library space. I've posted this picture before, but didn't show you the two opposite walls because they were just striped walls that didn't yet have any art hanging on them. But this weekend….

I finally put up the art I had been planning to create for the past two years…maybe even a little longer. After I made that poster size art image a few posts back, it hit me…"Duh!" I said to myself, that's how I can get this project done. Poster/tile printing an enlarged image onto several 81/2 x 11 pieces of paper. I worked on these all weekend. I'm lovin' the way they work in the space.

Friday, April 18, 2014


One of the best purchases I made on my birthday 
was this white Docksta table. It's a very inexpensive copy of the Saarinen Tulip table made by Knoll.  

I would have of course preferred the knoll version with the carrara marble top, but it would have set me back an extra $3000 +. That will be a future purchase, and actually I would like the larger oval one anyway, and that retails for about $6500. But for now, I think this $200 version is great. I was inspired by the Tulip table at the VINTAGE LIVING store…

That space, where I placed the table, is actually our formal dining space, but it's so rarely used and my husband is always in need of lots of space to do paperwork (as you can see from the top right image), so it has officially now been declared as part of our office space.

I love to mix styles. I think the antique Swedish chairs (my husband inherited) that I covered with a mod fabric, look great with the modern style table and my crystal chandelier. I still have a bit of work to do in that space, but so far…I'm diggin' the look.

Here's a few photo's of how others have used the tulip table…

(Interior Design Mag)

(Better Homes & Gardens)


I'm especially lovin' this look of the old and new. Hmmm…..Maybe I'll put a cowhide rug under my table.

I also finally picked up that credenza, well not "that credenza" a different credenza. We decided that a desk/credenza was a better fit since my husband and I are often working at the same time. 

We found this credenza for a bargain price of $60. I was planning to give it a complete over-haul, but I really like the style and may just refinish it as it is. Before my husband was able to drag me out of the used office furniture store, I also grabbed this chair...

It was only $20. I couldn't pass it by. I was imagining a complete make-over for the chair, but now I'm thinking I will sand and refinish the wood and then…possibly recover the chair in a groovy…leather? or...Should I clean up the original vinyl and see how she looks? Not completely positive yet….stay tuned.

My splurge of the day…No not the life size horse…

This excellent, and quite heavy, brass lamp I picked up at HomeGoods. At $149 it was more than the credenza and chair together, but it's a very good lamp, and would cost more than $300 retail. I had one almost exactly like it, but my sweet Siberian Husky tripped over the wire trying to lie down behind the table that it was on. After it, my prized old lamp, hit the floor pretty hard it was never the same. I'm quite happy with my new one.

And by the way, I never did get that great piece of chocolate peanut-butter cake. While we did have our usual cake for birthday breakfast. …Apparently it's a Swedish thing to wake up the birthday-person extremely early in the morning with cake…say's my husband. My kids love it. We've had this tradition since we've been married (nearly 100 years now... Lol…I love you honey!)   But of course my a.m. cake was a store bought cake, and the bakery that sometimes has a chocolate peanut butter cake...had none that day….so 2 days later…I finally baked my own. I did tell you that I consider it still my birthday for at least a week…didn't I?

Behold! Aunt Cindy's Cake... 
now new and improved with my famous thick chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Remember that great antique french wall from the VINTAGE LIVING post (HERE)? Well, I made a fun piece of modern art from that photo.

On my mac, I first made my photo black and white and then converted my photo into a pdf file. Then I was able to print it poster size onto several different pages. If your computer doesn't offer poster printing, you can easily download a free program. It's sometimes referred to as block printing, or tile printing. It's a very cool printing option. And now, since I discovered poster printing, I'm in idea overload and have so many great projects in mind, but …I'll try to contain myself while I start with this one.

After I printed my image large size onto 15 separate pages, I used a metal ruler and x-acto knife to cut all the white borders off.

Then I lined up all my images like a puzzle to make sure they matched up well. 
The next step you'll have to imagine because unfortunately I didn't photograph it. I'll try to set the scene for you. I't was sunny and 70', I was wearing jeans and a lovely fuchsia shirt that hung just….just kidding, forget the scene…I'll just stick to the facts...even though it certainly wont be as entertaining. 
I went to Lowes and had them cut a piece of masonite board and plexiglass (or clear acrylic) into the exact size of my enlarged image. Back home, I then used spray adhesive to attach each separate page, one at a time, to the masonite board.

Before removing the plastic protection from the clear acrylic, I placed the acrylic over my image, taped the corners, and carefully drilled holes into each of the four corners through the tape into both the acrylic and masonite board. Then after removing the tape and all the protective wrapping, I used small screws, a couple of picture hanging hooks, and acorn nuts to attach the acrylic and masonite board (with the image on it) together.
But we're not done yet...

The most fun part of this project is that I used the completed art image as if it were an actual wall. I hung a piece of art, just as would be done on the real fancy french wall, on top of the completed image. I happened to use a melamine plate, with an image of a framed painting of a french soldier, that I ordered from Jeffrey Harris Design (HERE). They would be great plates to set a table with, but I think It was the perfect choice for my art project. You could also hang a framed photo or even a mirror over it. I may even make another much larger image to hang my venetian mirror over.

So…? you like? I like.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My husband took me out for brunch on my birthday.
We tried out a place in Dallas called "Crossroads", where a very well trained chef pushed aside the white linens and goblets so that he can serve great comfort food. I had the spinach, bacon,and goat cheese quiche.

It's a good thing that I always carry my camera with me, because as usual…I found something inspiring. Hanging above us was this cool chandelier made from restaurant sized wire mixing whips. Gotta love creativity!

They also had these funky fork and spoon sconces.
After taking these photos, I noticed that the soup of the day was potato leek. My mom makes an awesome potato leek soup, so I ordered it. I was hoping it would be like mom's. It was good, but mom's potato leek soup is still the best. We used to serve it at our Welsh Tea Room. What Welsh Tea Room? Unfortunately I'll have to save those great and also quite hilarious stories for another post, because mom doesn't think they're as hilarious as we do, and…today is mom's birthday. Yes, our birthdays are a day apart. One year, I wont tell you how long ago, I was mom's very special birthday present. 
Happy Birthday Mom. 

And then again, on our way out of the diner, more forks and spoons. Only this was a giant fork and spoon. It reminded me of some cool fork and spoon melamine plates I have.

Cool fork and spoon plates! They're from Jeffrey Harris Design (HERE). I like to mix them with my fancy flatware and goblets. The design is fun and they're easy to take care of. For me, the best part of having fun melamine plates is that I don't have to worry about my boy's breaking them.

So, have you ever wondered where the "spork" came from…

(Source unknown)

Now you know.

Hope you enjoyed a little fork and spoon talk.

One last photo…

Look what I found in Homegoods yesterday. Every time I see a life sized horse while shopping…it cracks me up. I can't even believe that I can use the statement, "Every time I see a life sized horse…."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Ta Da!!! I finished both deer heads from my deer head diy (HERE).

Today, my birthday, my husband is taking me out to lunch and we're going to finally pick up that credenza I'm going to re-do to add to my office space. Plus run around to some other fun spots I never get to drag him to. Today…I get to set the schedule…All day I will be saying with a bit of a sweet whine, "But it's my birthday." I don't know how it works in your house, but we claim our birthday, and all the perks that go with it, for at least a week.
So…until tomorrow...talk amongst yourselves.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Tomorrow is my Birthday. 
No! I'm not going to mention the age. I will say that it's a big birthday with a zero at the end of the number. A number that I enjoy in currency, but not necessarily in age.

( Paul Ferney) 

I thought it would be a good day to share some cake art. You would be surprised about how many cake paintings are actually out there. My birthday, the one day a year that I don't have to feel guilty about eating a piece of cake.
Or pie...

( Wayne Thiebaud)

What do I want for my birthday?

Well, the truth is that While the items pictured above are gifts that I would definitely not turn away, my actual wish list for this year is much more practical. I told my husband that I want a new printer. The kind of printer that uses 8 colors rather than the usual 4. Then I can print some great art/pictures/photo's since I've been in such a major creative flow lately.  And, before I forget…if anyone sent me a birthday card…there better at least be $1 inside. When I was growing up, my favorite birthday cards were the cards that had spaces for 10 dimes. Back then, I would love getting those cards, and now I still expect to at least find $1 in every birthday card. 


This is my dream cake. 
Peanut butter and chocolate together equal perfection in my book.
I make a really yummy chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting myself. My family calls it "Aunt Cindy's cake" because Aunt Cindy always made it when we were kids. Then several years back, I brought "Aunt Cindy's Cake" recipe up a notch by adding a big scoop of peanut butter to the icing. It was always a great cake, but now it's a super-great cake. I have a question... What's with all the cakes with the fondant on top? It may look pretty, but in no way does it taste as good. In Texas we say, "Don't mess with Texas!" Well, I also say, "Don't mess with icing!"
I may not want to talk about my age, especially because I'm pretty sure that the number must be wrong…I'm quite sure that I'm actually 15 years younger than that number, but the one thing I do know for sure is that my best years are not behind, my best years are definitely yet to come.
...Can I get an A'men?